June 12th

June 12, 1826 - Lemuel Durfee's will identifies Joseph Smith Sr.'s Manchester property as belonging to Smith. Durfee became the Smith's landlord after the Smith's home was taken from them due to shading dealings by a land agent. Durfee saved the Smith's home by purchasing their property and renting it to them to recover his investment.

June 12, 1831 - Official Church Historian John Whitmer, one of the "eight witnesses" to the Book of Mormon, begins keeping the history of the church in "The Book of John Whitmer, kept by commandment." After Whitmer's excommunication he continued his history: "He [Joseph Smith] from this time began to be lifted up in the pride of his eyes, and began to seek riches and the glory of the world, also sought to establish the ancient order of things, as he & his counsellors Rigdon & Hyrum Smith pleased to call it. Therefore they began to form themselves into a secret Society which they termed the Brother of Gideon, in the which Society they took oaths that they would support a brother wright or wrong even to the sheding of blood."

June 12, 1834 - Joseph Smith writes: "I instructed the camp in the morning that if a gun was fired it would be considered an alarm; but in the course of the day, while I was a little ahead, I shot a squirrel for Brother Foster, when several of the brethren came running up to see what was the matter. I told them Brother Foster was sick; 'I want you to pray for him.'"

June 12, 1840 - William Clayton writes "At Council meeting a number of the saints attended. Brother Green almost got the gift of tongues. Brother Young spake in tongues."

June 12, 1843 - Joseph Smith approves a decision two days previously by a "court martial" "That an arsenal be built in the city of Nauvoo, to be located in any part of the city where the lieutenant and major generals may direct, who are also authorized to make or cause to be made, a draft of the same, and also to purchase any piece of land for the aforesaid purposes which they may deem proper."
Joseph Smith takes Rhoda Richards as a plural wife.

June 12, 1844 - Joseph Fielding, of the Quorum of Anointed, records Apostle Wight's public statement: "If a Woman complained of being insulted by any Man she ought to be sit [set] down as a Strumpet on the ground that no Man would do it unless she gave him some liberty." Fielding's wife rejects that view.
Joseph Smith is arrested and charged with inciting a riot "wherein they, with force and violence broke into the office of the Nauvoo Expositor, and unlawfully and with force burned and destroyed the printing press, type and fixtures of the same, . . ." Joseph notices the clause in the writ, entered by the issuing judge, Thomas Morrison, which says, "bring them before me or some other justice of the peace, to answer the premises, and further to be dealt with according to Law." Joseph chooses to be brought before a panel of six Mormon judges in Nauvoo who dismiss the charges.
In Carthage the WARSAW SIGNAL editorializes: "We have only to state that this is sufficient! . . .War and extermination is evitable! CITIZENS ARISE, ONE AND ALL!!! Can you stand by, and suffer such INFERNAL DEVILS! to ROB men of their property rights, without avenging them. We have no time for comment! everyman will make his own. LET IT BE WITH POWDER AND BALL!"

June 12, 1853 - John Taylor: "If there is any truth in heaven, earth, or hell, I want to embrace it."

June 12, 1860 - Brigham Young dreams: "that I was in a room with Phineas Young and I saw a smooth faced young man setting beside him. I asked Phineas who it was. He replyed this is the saviour. (I did not believe it.) I smiled and said I wonder if he is the saviour. Phineas said he was. I then asked the person if he was the Savior. He said he was. I asked him if [so] how long have you been here? He said 14 days. I said have you a wife? He said yes this is my wife pointing to a woman dressed in black with a thick dark veil over her face. Said this is my wife. I thought it a funny idea. I felt that I wanted to prove him. Soon the woman vanished and he turned into a woman himself. Then I awoke and the thought Came to me that it was a representation of young Joseph [III] & Emma Smith who had undertook to Esstablish a Church but it was upon fals ground & principles in opposition to the true Church of Christ. I was satisfied he was not the saviour."

June 12, 1861 - Brigham Young's office journal records: "Pres Young & his brother Phineas, had some conversation about the death of Stephen A. Douglass the President remarked he should be president in the lower world and Tom Benton should be his first counsellor. ..."

June 12, 1868 - Without trial William A. Hickman is excommunicated about six months after he tries to extort money from Brigham Young with threat of publishing his crimes.

June 12, 1871 - 15-year-old Sarah Minnie Ephramina Jensen becomes the 9th wife of 57-year-old Lorenzo Snow.

June 12, 1881 - Abraham H. Cannon writes: "Bro. Bloesch, the president of the branch, expressed the desire to be rebaptized. He is guilty of having intercourse with another man's wife, but he asked forgiveness for this, and made everything right as near as possible. We therefore went down to the Bieler Canal, where I rebaptized Bro. Bloesch and baptized Elsie Bangeter, Bro. Alder confirming the former and I the latter."

June 12, 1889 - John M. Whitaker writes: "Today also I received a long telegram from brother Carl G. Maeser, Provo, stating that serious charges had been preferred against one of Brother Young's sons, Brigham Young [Jr.] and to come down at once. . . . We went at once to Brother Maeser's home where I was introduced to his charming daughter, and after supper, he took us to Dr. Hamberg's home, the man from whom Brigham had stolen, and here he told us how it all happened: That when Brigham came from the canyon, to his home where he boarded, Brigham secured a key to the cellar, took wine and treated his two young friends, until they were all drunk, and then he entered Mr. Smart's little store, took $20.00, some cigars, perfume and other things; that later he was arrested by the sheriff, and tried to put the blame on others, but was placed under bonds for trial."

June 12, 1890 - Secretary of state James G. Blaine gives a paper to First Counselor George Q. Cannon who was visiting in Washington, D.C., for the "leading authorities of the church to sign in which they make a virtual renunciation of plural marriage." Cannon's son Abraham said that his "feelings revolt at signing such a document."

June 12, 1898 - Second Counselor Joseph F. Smith preaches: "It is the command of the Lord that we shall meet together to transact the business of the Church, an important part of which is to sustain the authorities of the Church, thus renewing our covenant to uphold God's authority which He has instituted in the earth for the government of His Church. . . .The moment a spirit enters into the heart of a member to refrain from sustaining the constituted authorities of the Church, that moment he becomes possessed of a spirit which inclines to rebellion or dissension; and if he permit that spirit to take a firm root in his mind, it will eventually lead him into darkness and apostasy."

June 12, 1900 - Apostle Marriner W. Merrill writes: "Brought my wife Maria and daughter Lenora Eveline to be baptized for the cure of her eye, which has been afflicted all winter."

June 12, 1902 - In their weekly meeting of the First Presidency and Apostles "The clerk read a letter from Pres. Collins Hakes regarding the Indian Mission of the Maricopa Stake. Said that many of the Indians were progressing favorably in a knowledge of the gospel. Gave a detailed report of the annual expenditure of the church appropriation. Upon motion of Apostle Jno. H. Smith, Collins Hakes was appointed to take charge of the Indian Mission, as successor to Henry Rogers, deceased, and it was decided that he be allowed $1000 per year. It became the sense of the council that a number of names be submitted to Pres. Hakes, from which to choose a counselor in the stake presidency. Here follows the names: Frank T. Pomeroy, Elder [Isaac] Dana, Bp. [James M.] Horne, and Carl Johnson."

June 12, 1923 - Letter of the First Presidency to Stake Presidents and Temple Presidents; "It may be observed that no fixed pattern of Temple garment has ever been given, and that the present style of garment differs very materially from that in use in the early history of the Church, at which time a garment without collar and with buttons was frequently used."

June 12, 1978 - NEW YORK TIMES article: "Mormon Church Ordains First Black Since 1800's" tells of ordination of Joseph Freeman.

June 12, 1994 - Groundbreaking for temple near Preston, England.

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