March 29th

Mar 29, 1830 - David Marks, a Free-will Baptist evangelist, stops at the Whitmers house in Fayette, New York. The eight witnesses "affirmed, that an angel had showed them certain plates of metal, having the appearance of gold that were dug out of the ground by one Joseph Smith." They explain to Marks certain basic points about the Book of Mormon and its contents but claim to have viewed the plates in vision only. Eight days later the Church is officially organized in the Whitmers house.
At the Palmyra Presbyterian Church it is "Resolved that Hiram Smith, Lucy Smith, and Samuel Harrison Smith be and they hereby are suspended from the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper." They are suspended for 18 months for "Neglect of public worship and the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper" and for not appearing a the hearing concerning the matter despite having been issued two citations to appear.

Mar 29, 1832 - Joseph Smith Murdoch, adopted son of Joseph and Emma dies at eleven months of age in Hiram, Ohio. His twin sister, Julia Murdoch, also adopted by Joseph and Emma, lives until 1880.

Mar 29, 1835 - At 11 A.M. at the Kirtland Temple, Joseph Smith and four counselors meet in "Most Holy Place in the Lord's House and sought for a revelation from Him to teach us concerning our going to Zion. . ." After uniting in prayer three times they "call the other Presidents, the two Bishops and their councils (each to stand in his place) and fast through the day and also the night." The "word of the Lord" comes through Joseph Smith "that those who had entered the Holy Place must not leave the House untill morning, . . .we must clens[e] our feet and partake of the sacrament . . . Accordingly we proceeded and cleansed our faces and our feet, and then proceeded to wash each other's feet." Sidney Rigdon and Joseph Smith's wash each other's feet after which Rigdon washes Joseph Smith Senrio's and Hyrum Smith's feet. Joseph Smith washes Frederick G. Williams's feet and then Hyrum Smith washes David Whitmer's and Oliver Cowdery's feet. David Whitmer and William W. Phelps wash each other's feet. "The Bishops and their councils were then washed, after which we partook of the bread and wine." They stay in the temple all through the night.

Mar 29, 1838 - Wilford Woodruff records that "Mr. Ebenezar Carver had been earnestly investing the subject of the gospel as we set it forth . . . walked to the sea shore desireing that he might have some sign. and while the word of God was for him to meditate upon that there should no sign be given but the sign of the Prophet Jonas on a sudden there was a large fish arose on the water in the seat at a distance from him & suddenly sunk out of sight. He much desired to again see the sight. Immediately the fish again arose on the top of the water accompanied with another fish of the same specie & size & one of them swam on a strait line on the top of the water towards Mr Carver as he stood upon
the beach. When the fish Came as near his feet as the water would permit him the fish looked at the man with a Penetrating eye as though he had a message for him. . . Mr carver had dreams at night to Confirm him that these things was a sign to him."

Mar 29, 1855 - Church Historian, George A. Smith, under the direction of Brigham Young, while revising the History of the Church, alters Joseph Smiths statement at the founding of the Relief Society from "I now turn the key to you in the name of God and this Society shall rejoice and knowledge and intelligence shall flow down from this time." to read "I now turn the key in your behalf in the name of the Lord. . . ."

Mar 29, 1857 - Brigham Young preaches: "I can tell the people that once in my life I felt a want of confidence in brother Joseph Smith, soon after I became acquainted with him. It was not concerning religious matters--it was not about his revelations--but it was in relation to his financiering--to his managing the temporal affairs which he undertook. A feeling came ever me that Joseph was not right in his financial management, though I presume the feeling did not last sixty seconds, and perhaps not thirty. But that feeling came on me once and once only, from the time I first knew him to the day of his death. It gave me sorrow of heart, and I clearly saw and understood, by the spirit of revelation manifested to me, that if I was to harbor a thought in my heart that Joseph could be wrong in anything, I would begin to lose confidence in him, and that feeling would grow from step to step, and from one degree to another, until at last. I would have the same lack of confidence in his being the mouthpiece for the Almighty, and I would be left, as brother Hooper observed, upon the brink of the precipice, ready to plunge into what we may call the gulf of infidelity, ready to believe neither in God nor His servants, and to say that there is no God, or, if there is, we do not know anything about Him; . . ."

Mar 29, 1859 - At about 2 P.M. on Main Street in Salt Lake City "Mr. Hart the Chief Gambler drew his pistol swareing he would shoot some mormon. A young sprouse followed his example & swore he would shoot a mormon. He mounted his mule & shot 3 balls into the Crowd & run. The Croud shot 6 Balls at him while running.. Shot one ball into the mules neck. Hart also run away."

Mar 29, 1863 - At night in Salt Lake City, cannon fire is heard from Fort Douglas. Mormons respond by sounding their own alarm, via cannon, and many Mormons hastily dress, grab their arms, and rush to Brigham Young's residence ready to defend against an invasion by the U.S. Army. The noise from Ft. Douglas turns from cannon fire to band music and Mormons later learn that the Army men are only celebrating their commander's promotion to brigadier-general.

Mar 29, 1888 - With no First Presidency formed yet the Quorum of Apostles meets and "vote to restore to G[eorge] Q. Cannon and Brigham Young Jr. $6,666.66 which they paid in the Settlement of the Suit against the Church" in regards to Brigham Young's estate. It is decided that no accrued interest should be paid Cannon and Young.

Mar 29, 1892 - President Wilford Woodruff writes in his dairy: "Plesant this morning. I gave several Permits to go on to the Temple Tower. I went to the Temple & Examined the Bronze Angel for the Top Stone of the Temple 13 feet high & about 1,500 lbs in weight. I examind the Elevator to go to the top which looked safe." The capstone is laid on April 6, exactly one year before the dedication.

Mar 29, 1895 - At the Utah Constitutional Convention B. H. Roberts, President of First Quorum of Seventy, argues against women's sufferage."

Mar 29, 1901 - The First Presidency talks with Apostle James Talmage "in regard to his copy right to the Articles of Faith he had written. It was the opinion that we had ought hold the Copyright for the Church."

Mar 29, 1904 - Last plural marriage performed by stake president Anthony W. Ivins in Mexico. The couple had been asked to move their marriage date up because a statement might be forthcoming in April Conference.
U.S. Senator and LDS apostle Reed Smoot is informed by one of his staff that his letter to church leaders asking for another anti-polygamy manifesto"was rubbing the fur the wrong way" and that President Smith "sets forth that enough manifestoes have been already issued, and you cannot expect more at the present state of feeling." Joseph F. Smith, however, issues a carefully-worded "Second Manifesto" during April Conference.

Mar 29, 1940 - First Presidency asks Apostle Joseph Fielding Smith to chair "Literature Censorship Committee authorized by Quorum of the Twelve last Thursday."
Results of a poll conducted in BYU theology classes is published in the "Y NEWS." It finds, that, despite frequent warnings by the Honor Tradition Committee, at least 20 percent of the student body continued to cheat on graded homework.

Mar 29, 1960 - Marion D. Hanks, of the First Quorum of Seventy, is the keynote speaker at President Eisenhower's National Youth Conference in Washington D. C.

Mar 29, 1984 - Anti-Mormon publishers Jerald and Sandra Tanner take a three-quarter-page advertisement in the DESERET NEWS. The LDS-owned newspaper usually doesn't accept anti-Mormons advertisements but this is court-ordered to compensate for the NEWS having falsely accusing the Tanners of stealing documents.

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