April 26th

Apr 26, 1838 - A revelation changes the official name of the church, this time to "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." Kirtland dissenters had claimed that Joseph Smith apostatized and became the anti-Christ in 1834 when he changed the church's name to delete reference to Jesus.

Apr 26, 1839 - At the Far West temple site, in jeopardy if detected by anti-Mormons, apostles Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, John Taylor, Orson Pratt, and John E. Page ordain Wilford Woodruff and George A. Smith as apostles to fulfill one of Joseph Smith's earlier revelations. The "thus saith the Lord" revelation stated that on this day they were to lay the cornerstone for the Far West temple. Shortly after midnight they roll a large stone to the corner of the temple lot to fulfill the revelation..Eighteen other Mormons, including four women, also brave the mobs by attending this ceremony.

Apr 26, 1841 - Alexander Neibaur goes to work for Joseph Smith. Neibaur is a German-Jewish convert well-versed in the Kabbalah. He tutors Joseph in German and Hebrew and publishes articles on the Kabbalah in official Church publications. Three years later Joseph gives the "King Follett" discourse which echoes themes from Kabbalistic literature. Neibaur is the great grandfather of noted Mormon scholar Hugh Nibley.

Apr 26, 1846 - Apostle George A. Smith writes to Brigham Young, " If you in your wisdom should think it best to sell the same [the Nauvoo Temple] for to help the poor in the present emergency, we frankly concur notwithstanding we feel opposed to a Methodist Congregation listening to a Mob Priest in that holly place" The church was considering selling the Nauvoo and Kirtland temples to pay its debts.

Apr 26, 1851 -Wilford Woodruff records: "President Young while speaking of the Resurrection said that we should Receive the same Bodies that we lay down if our dust was Blown to the four winds of Heaven."

Apr 26, 1873 - Disciples-of-Christ elder Darwin Atwater writes that Sidney Rigdon visited his home several years before the Book of Mormon was published and, "gave a wonderful description of the mounds and other antiquities found in some parts of America, and said that they must have been made by the aborigines. He said there was a book to be published containing an account of those things. He spoke of these in his eloquent, enthusiastic style, as being a thing most extraordinary."

Apr 26, 1894 - Presidency and apostles decide that John D. Lee, Jr. ("a son of the Mountain Meadows murderer") can go on proselytizing mission but must "assume his mother's maiden name."

Apr 26, 1903 - In Chesterfield Idaho at stake conference Apostle Rudger Clawson speaks about "The evil of people moving their homes from one location to another without counsel. People should be content to labor where the Lord calls them, and when a change comes, not to feel that the president of the stake, or the bishop, has their knife in them, or desires to injure them."

Apr 26, 1916 - Joseph F. Smith rules that Salt Lake temple have daily limits for proxy ordinances: 240 endowments and 1,200 baptisms for the dead. As example of changes in that policy, Salt Lake temple performs 4,718 endowments on May 21, 1967.

Apr 26, 1943 - Historian Dale L. Morgan writes to a friend: "My viewpoint about Mormon history is that of the sociologist, the psychologist, the political, economic, and social historian. I do not expect that the average Mormon will accept in its entirety the evaluation of Mormon history that I shall make, but I do expect that he will acknowledge my integrity within what he regards as the limitations of my understanding, or point of view. On such a basis we can get along very equably, and we may find that my interpretation of Mormon history will not, after all do such violence to Mormon ideas of that history."

Apr 26, 1949 - First counselor J. Reuben Clark reports that Emily Smith Stewart is prompting her father and church president, George Albert Smith, in making administrative decisions. This is only known period in which a woman has such influence on LDS church administration.

Apr 26, 1959 - While ordaining local patriarch in windowless room, "a shaft of bright light came onto the back and top of Elder [Harold B.] Lee's head."

Apr 26, 1996 - National news story that Tennessee's Fellowship of Christian Athletes has withdrawn Male Athlete Award of the Year from high school student Aaron Walker because he is member of LDS church.

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