September 12th

Sept 12, 1826 - William Morgan is abducted by Masons in Batavia, New York and is never seen again. Morgan had written a book exposing the rituals of Freemasonry, ILLUSTRATIONS OF MASONRY which is published two months later. Morgan's abduction and murder spark the Anti-Masonic movement and party. Reviewers of the first edition of the Book of Mormon notice parallels between the Masons and the Book's Gadianton robbers. Exact phrases and "grips" in Morgan's book later become part of the LDS endowment ceremony and Morgan's widow, Lucinda, later becomes a plural wife of Joseph Smith.

Sept 12, 1843 - Wilford Woodruff writes that on a train "after dark, and while going at full speed, we struck one of the rails which some persons had raised by rolling a log under it, and landed in a pile; three cars were filled with passengers, and their lives were saved by having a long train of freight between the passenger cars and the engine; all of them were mashed to pieces; the engineer was killed, some of the passengers had bones broken; I escaped unhurt."

Sept 12, 1845 - Brigham Young writes to Solomon Hancock in Yelrome, where mobbers are burning Mormon houses, "The object of our enemies is to get opposition enough to raise popular excitement but we think it best to let them burn up our houses while we take care of our families and grain. . . . Be calm and patient till all things are ready. What is a little property or a few lives, compared with the properties and lives of a great people, and the house and ordinances on which the salvation of that people depend?"

Sept 12, 1846 - William Clayton writes, "President Young brought me $8 in money, one half dollar bogus."

Sept 12, 1847 - William Clayton writes: "Our bread stuff is now out and we have to live solely on meat the balance of the journey. John Pack has got flour enough to last him through. We have all messed together untill ours was eat up, and now John Pack proposes for each man to mess by himself. He has concealed his flour and beans together with tea, coffee, sugar &c. and cooks after the rest have gone to bed. Such things seem worthy of remembrance for a time to come."

Sept 12, 1852 - Parley P. Pratt preaches: "At what speed would the Saints travel? We are told that light is the power that governs all things. If the Saints travel as fast as light they would go at the rate of 200,000 miles in a second. God can go as fast as light and He has made the Saints And I am led to conclude that they can travel as fast as light for they have got to go on missions to far distant worlds and if they did not go as fast as light they would be a long time on their way spending their time without doing any good."

Sept 12, 1857 - At Jacob Hamblin's ranch, 4 miles from the Mountain Meadows killing field, John D. Lee (sleeping on his saddle blanket with his saddle for a pillow) is awakened by an argument between Col. William Dame and Lt. Col. Isaac Haight. After breakfast they continue on to Mountain Meadows to secure property and supervise burial of the dead. Upon seeing the sight Dame and Haight argued over whether Dame ordered it or not. The bodies are stripped of any valuables but many bodies are either left unburied or buried so shallowly that animals dig them up and wild animals and buzzards eat flesh from their bones.
Stake President Haight told the men, "thay had been priveleged to keep a part of their covenant to avenge the blood of the prophets." The men then held a prayer circle (left hand on shoulder of man next to him, right arm to the square) with John Higbee, Isaac Haight, John D. Lee, and William Dame in the center, facing the four points of the compass. Stake president Haight led the men in a solemn oath never to discuss the matter and "to help kill all who proved to be traitors to the Church or people in this matter."

Sept 12, 1857 - Brigham Young meets with Captain Van Vliet, representative of Johnson's Army. Young tells him, "I do not want to fight the United States but if they drive us to it we shall do the best we can & I will tell you as God lives that we shall Come off Conquerer for we trust in God. For God has set up his kingdom on the Earth & it will never fall but it will stand. We shall do all we can not to fight but if they drive us to it God will overthrow them." Van Vliet tells Young, "I do not think that it is the intention of the Government to take you but to instill a New Governor in this Territory." Young responds, "I Believe that you tell the truth that you believe this but you do not know their intention as well as I do."

Sept 12, 1858 - Church historian's office notes discovery this morning of severed head of Provo woman who has been at U.S. military camp for a week. Six weeks earlier another woman's head is discovered. These are earliest verified examples of someone taking literally the repeated teachings of Mormon leaders that apostates and adulterers should have their heads "cut off" as "blood atonement" for their sins.

Sept 12, 1890 - In san Francisco, pro-Mormon Republicans (including "permanent" national chair of Republican Party's national convention) tell presidents Woodruff and Cannon that LDS church's only hope is to make "some announcement concerning polygamy and the laying of it aside." Republican leaders then promise to promote Utah's statehood in expectation that church will work to have majority of Mormons vote Republican.

Sept 12, 1894 - Samuel W. Richards writes, "Prest Snow informed me he had not been able to obtain information why women were required to vail their faces when at prayer in the Temple."

Sept 12, 1902 - At meeting of Stirling Ward, Canada: "Apostle Taylor said he had decided to let the people write the name of the man they desired to act as Bishop of the Ward. Bro. Taylor wished them to write 3 names after which a selection would be made. Bro Taylor put the [minimum] age in voting at 20 years. Bro Taylor said that thought the people had had a chance to make their choice he wished the final vote to be unanimous." This is also practice of Apostle Francis M. Lyman in choosing new bishops.

Sept 12, 1977 - A former LDS chapel in Washington D. C., which has recently been purchased by the Unification Church, is "sanctified" by Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Sept 12, 1981 - First Presidency announces standardized "Sage Plan" for small meeting houses, further evidence of financial strains of church growth since 1960's.

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