April 23rd

Apr 23, 1834 - A revelation ends the Kirtland United Order and distributes its real estate assets among Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery, Sidney Rigdon, Frederick G. Williams, Martin Harris, Newel K. Whitney, and John Johnson. Although the revelation says, "it is my will that you shall pay all your debts," Smith requires Whitney to absorb the $1,121.31 Whitney had loaned to him personally as well as $2.484.22 of other men's debts to Whitney. Ten days later the name of the church is officially changed from "The Church of Jesus Christ" to "The Church of the Latter Day Saints" possibly to avoid law suits.

Apr 23, 1843 - Robert Wiley "finds" six metal, bell-shaped plates covered with hieroglyphs while digging in a mound near Kinderhook, Illinois. The plates are found with a skeleton eleven feet below the top of the mound. There are "two mormon elders" among the dozen people witnessing the excavation. The plates are brought to Joseph Smith who says "they contain the history of the person with whom they were found and he was a descendant of Ham through the loins of Pharaoh king of Egypt, and that he received his kingdom from the ruler of heaven and earth." In 1855 and 1879 associates of Wiley claim that the plates were a hoax gotten up by Wiley and friends to fool Smith. There is debate about the validity of the "hoax" stories until 1981 when the plates are subjected to testing which conclusively verifies their 19th-century origin and details given by the hoaxers in their manufacture.

Apr 23, 1845 - Wilford Woodruff, while on a mission in England, has the following dream: " I was in company with a number of the Twelve & other Brethren. I thought I had Just returned to Nauvoo from my English mission. We met with Br Joseph Smith the Prophet. I shook hands with him And asked him if he & his family were well. He said they were. I Thought the endowment had been given & he was counciling us about taking a mission abroad some portion of the time. While talkinghe sat in a Chair & leaned upon my breast. He said he was going to take a mission to India & pointed out the man to go with him but I cannot now call him by name. G. A. Smith asked liberty of Joseph to become better acquainted with me or to spend more time with me that we might be prepared to take a mission together. It was granted him. O Pratt had his mission appointed I do not know whare. Lyman Wight was spoken of. Do not recollect what was said. We had an interesting time together. All seemed happy to once more see the Prophet."

Apr 23, 1852 - William Clayton passes through Provo on a trip south and writes, "This town looks dirty. The houses look miserable, and many young men idling in the Streets. It seems there is not much energy here, and there seems to be little spirit of accommodation or friendship among people."

Apr 23, 1859 - Wilford Woodruff writes, "there is so many rumours afloat Concerning the troops Coming here we packed up all the records of the office to save them from being burned in case the City should be burned. Brother Bentley helped me move a Box of Books. I put it in the safe." The day before Woodruff mentioned rumors that "a company of volunteers from Arkansas are on their way to Iron County to punish those who had a hand in the Mountain meadow massacree & that a thousand men are on the way to guard the Governmet money in route for the armey. This afternoon the City is filled with rumors saying that Johnson is coming to this City with two ridgments, that Col Johnson sent word to Gov Cummings if he did not straighten out Brigham Young & the mormons he should take the matter into his own hands."

Apr 23, 1866 - "Circleville Massacre," in which local Mormon militia shoots hand-tied Piede Indian men, then slits throats of their women and children one-by-one. Of this incident commanding general Daniel H. Wells (Brigham Young's counselor) writes that these "brethren" did what was necessary.

Apr 23, 1876 - Dom Pedro II, Emperor of Brazil, attends sacrament meeting at the Salt Lake City 14th ward. The Emperor is passing through Utah on his way to Philadelphia to assist President Ulysses S. Grant in opening the Centennial Exposition. The press reports him as saying that, having failed to see the harems of Turkey, he wished to visit the seraglio of Brigham Young. He is the first head of state to visit Utah.

Apr 23, 1888 - Apostle John Henry Smith is told in a Patriarchal blessing by Snowflake, Arizona Patriarch John Oakly, "and you shall live until you are satisfied with life and be changed in the twinkling of an eye. Not long hence and you shall see and take hold of the hand of your Savior."

Apr 23, 1893 - Last day of dedicatory services for Salt Lake Temple. Dedication began on Apr 6. Apostle Marriner W. Merrill writes: " I was first speaker and spoke 15 minutes. I took Almira up on the elevator to the upper room and after meeting took her down through Temple in all the rooms."

Apr 23, 1898 - Apostle Brigham Young Jr. writes in his diary: "Have condemned in unmeasured terms our young men volunteering to go to war. First they would be victims to the malaria of the south and it is our business to preach the gospel not kill men." Young's pacifistic approach to the Spanish-American war is not shared by the rest of the leadership
Joseph H. Dean, former president of the Samoan Mission, records how First Presidency Counselor George Q. Cannon authorizes and assists him to marry his plural wife after the Manifesto: "He [Cannon] approves of my going to Mexico, and thinks it would be a good thing for me to do. Consents to my taking Sister A. [Amanda W. Anderson] ma faaipoipo [Samoan translation: for a bride]. Says that when ever we are ready to call upon him and he will give us the necessary documents." Ten days later Cannon gives Dean "the necessary document" to allow him to be sealed to a plural wife.

Apr 23, 1960 - THE CHURCH NEWS quotes First Presidency Counselor Reuben J. Clark: "I am not a strict constructionalist, believing that we seal our eternal progress by what we do here. It is my belief that God will save all of His children that he can; and while, if we live unrighteously here, we shall not go to the other side in the same status, so to speak, as those who lived righteously; nevertheless, the unrighteous will have their chance, and in the eons of the eternities that are to follow, they, too, may climb to the destinies to which they who are righteous and serve God, have climbed to those eternities that are to come"

Apr 23, 1967 - BYU entertainers "Y Americans" appear on television program, Ed Sullivan Show.

Apr 23, 1985 - Rare-coin dealer Alvin Rust gives Mark Hofmann a check for $150,000 to obtain the "McClellin Collection," supposedly a collection of documents once owned by Apostate Apostle William McClellin.

Apr 23, 1990 - The U. S. Supreme Court lets stand an appellate-court ruling that the city of St. George may not pay for the external lighting of the LDS Temple there.

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