May 28th

May 28, 1843 - Joseph and Emma Smith are the first couple "sealed" in marriage for eternity. During the previous month, he had married as polygamous wives seventeen-year-old Lucy Walker, sixteen-year-old Flora Ann Woodworth, and fourteen-year-old Helen Mar Kimball who later testified that he had sexual relations with them.

May 28, 1845 - Final testimony in the trial of five men accused in the murders of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.

May 28, 1847 - Brigham Young dictates a written revelation accusing the "brethren" of sins they would not admit to. He has the revelation recorded but stipulates that it not be officially published.
On the pioneer trail William Clayton writes that Heber C. Kimball "came to the next wagon where some of the boys were playing Cards. He told them his views and disaprobation of their spending time, gaming, and dancing, and mock trials &c. and especially the profane language frequently uttered by some." Kimball recorded in his journal that he told them "in language not to be misunderstood . . .to conduct themselves like men of God, or they would be sorry for it." Brigham Young upon "seeing several of the brethren playing dominos" warns them that "that the devil was getting power over the camp. That for several days past nearly the whole camp had drank into A spirit of card, Checker, & domino playing & dancing & the spirit of folley & if they did not spedily repent their works, labours, & Journey would be in vain." Later that evening Young and Kimball meet and decide to call the camp to repentance on the next day

May 28, 1857 - U.S. War Department orders army to suppress what U.S. president James Buchanan regards as Mormon treason and insurrection. One army officer writes on June 10 that Mormon "opposition to government cannot be overcome without the destruction of its cause, which involves the complete destruction of their life as a public body."

May 28, 1858 - A private in the Army stationed at Fr. Leavenworth, Kansas writes before his march to Fr. Floyd in Utah: "That Young's career in Utah should be arrested, no one will deny: none will attempt to apologize for his crimes and those of his fanatical followers. The cause of morality demands the extermination of this nest of adulterers, and no further time should be wasted in attempts at compromise or windy discussion. It were useless to attempt their reformation--the only missionaries that can make headway with them are such as wield the sabre and the musket."

May 28, 1868 - Presiding Bishop instructs ward bishops to have "faithful teachers to settle all difficulties that may arise." First Presidency letter of July 11, 1877 urges teachers to bring evidence of wrongdoing to church courts. Monthly meeting of teachers is pre-trial hearing in church court system.
Orson Pratt writes to plural wife Juliaet that his first wife, Sarah, gets by without financial support from him: "Sarah has, by brother Young's kindness, been permitted to return to the old homestead, south of the tabernacle; she has the use of the house and half of the lot, without paying any rent. She has rented the other house in the 17th ward for $15 dollars per month; she also rents part of the house where she now lives to Orson [Jr.] at 15 dollars per month. Laron earns at the printing office about 25 dollars per week. All this enables that part of my family to live very comfortably."

May 28, 1878 - Patriarch Joseph Young, senior Seventy's president and member of Joseph Smith's Annointed Quorum, blesses Brigham Young's daughter Zina Young Card: "These blessings are your, the blessings and power according to the holy Melchisedek Priesthood you received in your Endowments, and you shall have them."

May 28, 1896 - The First Presidency and Council of Twelve Apostles cannot agree on whether to try Apostle Moses Thatcher for insubordination immediately or to wait until he is well. John Henry Smith says that an extenuating circumstance is that Thatcher is addicted to morphine and is "hardly a responsible man." Heber J. Grant points out that Thatcher's position "since he commenced using morphine was in perfect harmony with that which he occupied a number of years prior to becoming addicted to this habit." They decide to "labor with Apostle Moses Thatcher and learn if he is with us or against us." Thatcher is later dropped from the Council of Twelve Apostles.

May 28, 1942 - In Germany seventeen-year-old Helmuth Huebener is charged with conspiracy to commit high treason and is sentenced to death. His crime consisted of printing anti-Nazi pamphlets. Since he printed many of them on the local branch mimeograph machine he was also excommunicated by his branch president. He was beheaded on October 27. The First Presidency later overturned the excommunication.

May 28, 1977 - CHURCH NEWS states: "Elder [Paul H.] Dunn, a pitcher, played for five years with the St. Louis Cardinals organization in Pocatello, Idaho; Hollywood, Calif., and with the parent St. Louis team."

May 28, 1988 - First Presidency statement on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) which encourages "compassion for those who are ill with AIDS," but with emphasis on abstaining from any homosexual berhavior.

May 28, 1989 - Two LDS missionaries are deliberately assassinated in La Paz Bolivia by guirrilla terrorists.

May 28, 1991 - LDS church receives legal recognition in Republic of Russia, and Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs concert in Bolshoi Theater on June 24. CHURCH NEWS cover photograph emphasizes that this is "America's Choir" at Red Square in Moscow.

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