September 11th

Sept 11, 1841 - Hosea Stout, Nauvoo Legion clerk, reports that the Legion totals 1,490 men, and that at a special review Lieutenant General Joseph Smith "delivered a military speech to the troops in his usual energetic style."

Sept 11, 1853 - Brigham Young says there will be temple in Scotland. Joseph Smith once made similar promise to Apostle Parley P. Pratt.

Sept 11, 1857 - Members of Parowan's militia participate in killing 120 men, women, and children in Mountain Meadows Massacre. This is largest massacre of wagon train in American history and is unparalleled because killing begins as "whites" are excorting emigrants under flag of truce. After holding prayer circle, local LDS leaders decide not to await word from Brigham Young about whether to help Indians destroy emigrants. At pre-arranged signal, most Mormon participants dutifully kill unarmed emigrant walking beside each militiaman, while some Mormons fire their weapons in air, and a few kill as many emigrants as they can. They spare eighteen small children.
Apostle Amasa M. Lyman crosses the Meadows on route to Salt Lake City from California and meets militia as it returns from burying murdered emigrants. "The twilight had commenced and he knew many of them, but none of them spoke to him or his company." His son says, "The stench was nearly unbearable, and the cattle were nearly crazy smelling blood. . . .it was the most hideous night he has spent."
Decades later participants acknowledge various motivations for destroying this Missouri and Arkansas group which antagonized both Mormons and Indians of southern Utah: war hysteria that belligerent emigrants might incite California to send military force to combine with "invasion" from east by U.S. army; fear that Indians would attack isolated settlements if they didn't assist; "avenging the blood' of Missouri expulsion of 1838 and of Apostle Parley P. Pratt's recent murder; desire to plunder wagon train's property, which included 1,000 head of cattle, according to Church Historian's Office on Sept 28, 1857; and intimidation by some Mormon firebrands who threaten to "blood atone" LDS militiamen who didn't want to participate.
Brigham Young gives unsuccessful order to prevent massacre but becomes accessory after fact. He later tells participants that he approves of the massacre and lets them know he expects them to exonerate each other in court of law. He publicly intimidates anyone who is inclinded to give evidence against Mormon participants. He refuses to give federal authorities information that would implicate nearly all adults of small Mormon community in massacre and division of victims' property. Then when total denial becomes impossible, Young scapegoats three men through excommunication and arranges for participants to testify against (and jurymen to convict) only John D. Lee, Brigham Young's adopted son and Council of Fifty member.

Sept 11, 1871 - Counselor Daniel H. Wells tells Grantsville School of the Prophets that "a great many of our young men are abusing themselves by the habit of self-pollution: or self abuse, or as the Bible terms it, Onanism," which he regards as "one great cause why so many of our young men were not married, and it was a great sin, and would lead to insanity and a premature grave." Polygamy is likelier cause for prevalence of bachelorhood in nineteenth-century Utah. First, every national census lists more males than females in Mormon population. Second, 20 - 40 percent of Mormon men marry polygamously which demographically requires bachelorhood in Utah's majority population of males.

Sept 11, 1876 - Jens C. A. Weibye lists number of married LDS men in his home town of Manti Utah, and calculates that 15.8 percent are polygamists

Sept 11, 1884 - A letter from former Mormon and Godbeite Henry Lawrence appears in the DESERET NEWS explaining the Liberal party's reason for opposing raising property taxes to build a new public school in Salt Lake City's Eighth Latter-day Saint Ward (until 1890 school districts in the city coincided with Mormon church ward boundaries). "[First] Utah schools are not free from sectarian biases and influences, not withstanding the statements of the Church party to the contrary. [Second] a large proportion of the present Territorial school fund is derived from a tax on the property of non-Mormons, who educate their children outside of the district schools. Members of the Liberal Party, and non-Mormons in general, send their children to private schools, not public ones. [Third] When the time shall come that the school teachers are selected with more regard for their ability for teaching than for their allegiance to a certain creed, then, no doubt, the Liberals will not only send their children to the district schools, but contribute freely for their support."

Sept 11, 1892 - St. George, Utah stake leaders proudly report that only 20 percent of its young men smoke tobacco. Apostle Francis M.Lyman preaches to St. Goerge stake conference: "in Prest Brigham Young's time an effort was made to make certan man as Bp of the 3rd Wd Salt Lake City. Bro Young named him but the people did not want the man for a Bp. and did not have him. Prest Young wanted Bro. Jesse N. Smith to be Prest of Parowan Stake But the people did not want him and would not have him and he was not their President. Prest. Woodruff felt desirous to having a certain man ordained a Patriarch in Parowan stake but the people did not want him and would not and did not have him. This indicates the liberty of the Latter Day Saints."
At priesthood meeting, Lyman "referred to the disappointment of Pres Woodruff on discovering that there was not influence enough with the Presidency and Twelve to put one Republican in the Legislature. I felt the time would come when we would wish we were not so fanatically Democratic."

Sept 11, 1893 - World Parliament of Religons refuses to admit LDS delegates.

Sept 11, 1903 - First Polygamous marriage performed in Canada by authorization of President Foseph F. Smith. Patriarch John A. Woold performs this plural marriage and several others until end of 1905.

Sept 11, 1955 - Dedication of LDS temple near Bern Switzerland by President David O. McKay. This is first temple in Eruope.

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