April 13th

Apr 13, 1822 - The "New Hampshire Sentinel" reports local treasure digging with the comment: "The leader of the 'visionary gang,' is said to be a substantial farmer in the neighborhood, who DREAMED for three successive nights that much treasure was deposited there"

Apr 13, 1838 - In Kirtland, Ohio, David Whitmer is excommunicated for, among other things, "writing letters to the dissenters in Kirtland unfavorable to the cause, and to the character of Joseph Smith, Jun." He is also charged with "possessing the same spirit with the dissenters," failure to observe the Word of Wisdom, neglecting meetings, and signing his name to official Far West documents after being removed from the presidency there.

Apr 13, 1843 - Joseph Smith tells a group of newly-arrived converts in Nauvoo, "The lower part of the town is the most healthy. In the upper part of the town the Merchants will say I am partial &c., but the lower part of the town is much the most healthy." Joseph Smith was selling land in the "lower part" of Nauvoo which he, only two years previously, had complained about the "lower part" being decidedly unhealthy.

Apr 13, 1845 - Joseph Smith prophecies "the entire overthrow of this nation in a few years."

Apr 13, 1845 - Several officers-of-the-law attend a meeting in Nauvoo. "Elder [John] Taylor gave them to understand that if they made an attempt to serve writs on him it would cost them their lives, . . ."

Apr 13, 1847 - William Clayton claims that Hosea Stout threatened to kill him. The next day, on half an hour's notice, Brigham Young has Clayton leave camp to join pioneers headed for Utah.

Apr 13, 1861 - "The Latter-day Saints' Millennial Star" publishes a poem about Adam, "Sons of Michael," with the opening lines: "Sons of Michael, he approaches!/ Rise; the Eternal Father greet.". The 1927 hymnal converts the 1861 poem "Sons of Michael" to hymn 334. The line with Adam as the Eternal Father is replaced by "Sons of Michael, He approaches!/ Rise; the ancient Father greet."

Apr 13, 1866 - Robert Leroy Parker is born in Beaver, Utah, the eldest of thirteen children. He is baptized at the age of eight. He later achieves notoriety as "Butch Cassidy" His temple work was performed in his behalf by his brother-in-law in 1945.

Apr 13, 1879 - President John Taylor preaches, "I remember talking with some celebrated scientists from Europe some time ago, and I explained to them some of the principles relative to the heavenly bodies that were revealed through the Prophet Joseph Smith. They were astonished to know that ideas so grand could be developed through one that was comparatively unlearned. One of them remarked that they were the most magnificent principles he had ever heard of; . . ."

Apr 13, 1883 - John Taylor dictates revelation on organizing the Seventies, and First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve accept it on Apr. 14. Church authorities publish revelation as pamphlet in Salt Lake City in 1883 and by its Apr. 14, 1884 reprint in the following editions of the Doctrine and Covenants: Swedish in 1888; German in 1893, 1903, and 1920; Danish in 1900. The 1883 revelation is never canonized by conference vote or by inclusion in English language editions of Doctrine and Covenants. Taylor defines First Quorum of Seventy as presidents of subordinate local quorums rather than as independent quorum.

Apr 13, 1893 - At session of Salt Lake temple dedication, "Pres Woodruff said there would never be an hour when these apostles will be divided from now until the coming of the Son of Man."
Apostle Francis M. Lyman and Mary Ann Burnham Freeze separately record seeing bright light pass over head of second counselor Joseph F. Smith as he speaks. Apostle Lyman also hears heavenly choir.

Apr 13, 1898 - Apostle Matthias F. Cowley performs the first marriage commissioned by First Counselor George Q Cannon. Cowley marries Ben E. Rich, president of the Southern States Mission, to a plural wife. Cowley later explained to the Twelve, "President Cannon told me personally to attend to these matters. There was no laying on of hands, but he gave the authority personally. The commission at this time was to marry Brother Rich, but later I was told by him that I could attend to suitable cases."

Apr 13, 1921 - At general conference Apostle Charles W. Penrose reported women asking "if they did not have the right to administer to the sick" and he, quoting Jesus's promise to his apostles of the signs that will follow the believers, conceded that there might be "Occasions when perhaps it would be wise for a woman to lay her hands upon a child, or upon one another sometimes, and there have been appointments made for our sisters, some good women, to anoint and bless others of their sex who expect to go through times of great personal trial, travail and 'labor;' so that is all right, so far as it goes. But when women go around and declare that they have been set apart to administer to the sick and take the place that is given to the elders of the Church by revelation as declared through James of old, and through the Prophet Joseph in modern times, that is an assumption of authority and contrary to scripture, which is that when people are sick they shall call for the elders of the Church and they shall pray over them and officially lay hands on them."

Apr 13, 1968 - Eight African-American athletes from University of Texas at El Paso refuse to compete in track meet with BYU because Mormons "think they are cursed and belong to the devil." George S. Tanner, after forty one years teaching in LDS institutes of religion, remarks: "The sad part of it is that their charges are not far from the truth."

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