September 28th

Sept 28, 1843 - Joseph and Emma Smith are the first couple to receive the second anointing in which each is "anointed & ordained to the highest & holiest order of the priesthood." At the meeting Joseph Smith "led in prayer that his days might be prolonged until his mission on the earth is accomplished, have dominion over his enemies, all their households be blessed, and all the Church and the world." Ten months later Joseph is killed at Carthage.

Sept 28, 1856 - Brigham Young begins a sermon: "I think it is now proven to a certainty that men, women, and children can cross the Plains, from the settlements on the Missouri river to this place on foot, and draw hand-carts, loaded with a good portion of the articles needed to sustain them on the way. . . . As for health, it is far healthier to walk than to ride, and better every way for the people" Less than two months later over 200 handcart pioneers died in Wyoming when caught in an early snow storm.

Sept 28, 1869 - DESERET NEWS advertises sale of BOOK OF MORMON "In Phonetics." Apostle Orson Pratt reports he translated it into the Deseret Alphabet in "four months of continuous labor."

Sept 28, 1870 - Baptism at Salt Lake City of Martin Harris, second of three BOOK OF MORMON witnesses to return to church as led by Brigham Young.

Sept 28, 1881 - Wilford Woodruff preaches, "(God) has had his endowments a great many years ago. He has ascended to his thrones, principalities and powers in the eternities."

Sept 28, 1883 - John Taylor re-establishes School of the Prophets in obedience to revelation exactly five months earlier. "A number" of First Presidency and apostles "confessed to breaking the Word of Wisdom" and vote to obey it. However, this vote does not apply to wine which members of School of Prophets drink by glassful a their meeting on Oct. 12.

Sept 28, 1891 - Apostle John Henry Smith, in Mesa, Arizona, writes in his diary: "There is some drunken tramp here who claims he has papers for my arest."

Sept 28, 1895 - Apostle Brigham Young Jr. writes in his diary: "Had a pleasant visit with Pres[iden]t W. Woodruff at his home B[isho]p Hardy took me there in his buggy, Pres[iden]t related many of his dreams & visits from or with the prophet Joseph & father"

Sept 28, 1976 - First Presidency letter advises Mormons throughout U.S. to obtain immunization against swine flu. Government-sponsored mass inoculations are a "cure without a disease."

Sept 28, 1977 - LDS Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and LDS Congressman Gunn McKay (D-UT) introduce a proposed constitutional amendment which mirrors the official LDS position banning abortion except in case of rape or when the mother's health is threatened. The proposed amendment was drafted by two BYU Law School professors. The amendment did not pass congress.

Sept 28, 1978 - Article in NAVAJO TIMES, Window Rock, Arizona, "The Mormon Church is Largest Profit-Making Religious Organization."

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