July 10th

July 10, 1804 - Emma Hale is born in the town of Harmony, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.

July 10, 1843 - Heber C. Kimball writes in a letter to his wife and daughter, Helen: "Let us seek to be true to our integrity, wherever we shall make vows or covenants with each other. Then we have got in that narrow way that leads to eternal life. Now let us be careful that we do not make a breach, but let us learn by the things that we see others suffer, and not have to pass through them ourselves. . . . Now, Helen, study to be a comfort to all who are connected to us by the ties of nature, . . ." Two months previously fourteen-year-old Helen had become a plural wife of Joseph Smith

July 10, 1844 - Samuel Williams, commanding officer of the Carthage Greys, writes a letter describing the happenings at Carthage jail. Williams says that when Joseph first arrived in Carthage and met with such an ugly reception, he "actually fainted." THE HISTORY OF THE CHURCH denies a rumor that he had "fainted three times." but this may be consistent with him fainting once.

July 10, 1853 - Apostle Parley P. Pratt preaches: "If we have no one new principle in our religion, why are we considered innovators, and opposed to Christianity? And why is Christianity in the world in danger if 'Mormonism' prevails? It is because that floating Christianity, called so by the world, is a spurious one; they have departed from the doctrine of the Apostles. Then, I ask again, why say, 'If Mormonism prevails Christianity is in danger?' for if it is a false Christianity, the quicker it falls the better."

July 10, 1859 - Apostle Orson Pratt preaches: "Has this great and abominable power, under the name of 'the mother of harlots,' popularly called Christendom, fought against the Saints in this country? Let the history of this Church answer that question; let the scenes we have passed through in the land of Missouri testify; let the tribulation this people had to endure in the State of Illinois bear witness. We will not refer to persecutions in Utah, for here we have had but little, compared with scenes we have past through in former years. Suffice it to say multitudes have been gathered together--under the influence of what? Under the influence of that great and abominable church or system called 'the mother of harlots.'"

July 10, 1875 - Book of Mormon witness Martin Harris dies at the age of ninety-two in Clarkston, Utah. He is buried in the Clarkston Cemetery with a Book of Mormon in his right hand and a Doctrine and Covenants in his left.

July 10, 1883 - Joseph Smith III writes to an apostle of the RLDS church: "I have been ambitious of but one thing, so far as human ambition is concerned, and that was to prove by the logic of conduct that my father [Joseph Smith] was not a bad man." Joseph Smith III had been trying to prove that it was Brigham Young and not Joseph Smith who had introduced the practice of polygamy.

July 10, 1896 - Apostle Brigham Young Jr. writes in his diary: "President Woodruff told me I had hurt his feelings in some remarks I had made but when I explained that I was not the one only present when a newspaper article was referred to as publishing about his converting women in an early day. I was perfectly innocent and he felt all right about the matter."

July 10, 1901 - Apostle Anthon H. Lund reports to apostles "In a certain ward in San Pete Stake sometime ago, the bishop informed him that out of 12 marriages during a period of six months 7 were forced."

July 10, 1902 - First Presidency and Quorum of Twelve decide that local patriarchs should no longer charge "a fee" ($2 by late-nineteenth century) for patriarchal blessings but simply allow blessed person to make "free will offering" to patriarch.

July 10, 1939 - First counselor J. Reuben Clark "admonished President Grant that people were prone to say to him what people thought he wanted to hear."

July 10, 1946 - President George Albert Smith writes in his diary: "Met in office with Council of Presidency & Twelve .... Jos Patriarch case considered. Bad situation. Am heartsick." President Smith is referring to Presiding Patriarch Joseph Fielding Smith [Not the Apostle of the same name] and to the recent discovery of his homosexual activities. Forty-seven-year-old Patriarch Smith is "released due to ill health" the following October.

July 10, 1964 - Apostle Spencer W. Kimball delivers a speech to a conference of the LDS church's seminary and Institute teachers assembled at Brigham Young University. His topic is homosexuality and he states, "we know such a disease is curable," and "We are told that as far back as Henry the VIII, this vice was referred to as `THE ABOMINABLE AND DETESTABLE CRIME AGAINST NATURE,' and some of our own statues [sic] have followed that wording."

July 10, 1978 - PEOPLE magazine runs a three-page article: "A feminist studies Mormon polygamy and, remarkably, finds that it liberated the wives." Dr. Vicky Burgess-Olson was quoted as saying that of the 341 Mormon women she studied between 1847 and 1885, most (54%) had fulltime jobs outside the home. "When the husbands were away visiting other wives in other houses, the wives they left behind ran farms, ranches or silkworm operations. . . . If the families shared the same house, the women had different assignments and could do what they liked best."

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