October 30th

Oct 30, 1838 - Militia attack the Haun's Mill settlement and murder seventeen men and boys. Thomas McBride, the oldest victim, is "cut to pieces with a corn cutter . . . literally mangled from head to foot." Sardius Smith, one of the youngest victims, begs for his life from a militiaman who put "his rifle near the boy's head, and literally blowed off the upper part of it." Although her son Sardius and husband are dead, Amanda Barnes Smith is preoccupied with one of her surviving sons, because "the entire hip joint of my wounded boy [Alma] had been shot away." She reports obtaining "a vision" from God about the way to care for the injury and tells her son that "the Lord will make you another hip." She would later write: "It is now nearly forty years ago, but Alma has never been the least crippled during his life."

Oct 30, 1843 - Brigham Young's diary states: "Monday evening Baptized Sisters Cuoub [Augusta Adams Cobb] & Hari[e]tt Cook." Two days later Joseph Smith marries these two women to Young. Augusta Adams Cobb married Henry Cobb of Boston, Mass., in 1822. She left him five of her seven children to join with the Mormons. Her husband divorced her in 1847-- four years after she married Brigham Young.

Oct 30, 1940 - First Counselor J. Reuben Clark persuades President Grant not to publish statement signed by all general authorities urging defeat of U.S. president Franklin D. Roosevelt's candidacy for third term.

Oct 30, 1978 - First Presidency announces emeritus status for general authorities due to age, physical infirmity, or other reasons. Members of First Quorum of Seventy are first general authorities to receive this retirement.

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