September 3rd

Sept 3, 1837 - Book of Mormon witness Martin Harris, discontented after the collapse of the Kirtland Anti-Banking Society, is dropped from the Kirtland High Council. He and his family remain in Kirtland when most Saints emigrated to Missouri or Nauvoo. He later says: "I never did leave the Church, the Church left me."
Also on this day Apostles Luke S. Johnson, Lyman Johnson, and John F. Boynton are disfellowshipped by the Kirtland High Council.

Sept 3, 1845 - NAUVOO NEIGHBOR reports the first suicide by a Mormon woman. She slit her throat with a straight-edged razor "in a state of mental aberration."

Sept 3, 1857 - According to John D. Lee, Stake President Isaac Haight tells him that the massacre of the emigrants "is the will of all in authority. The emigrants have no pass from any one to go through the country, and they are liable to be killed as common enemies, for the country is at war now. No man has a right to go through this country without a written pass."

Sept 3, 1860 - Brigham Young's office journal recoreds: "The President alluded to a joke between him and Dr Willard Richards. The Pres[ident] had [sic] once s[ai]d to him if you will make a gentleman of me I will make a real man of you."

Sept 3, 1887 - Wilford Woodruff writes: "I have a large stout man who goes with me every [where] night and day carries 2 pistols & a double barrel shot gun and sayes [sic] he will shoot the marshals if they come to take me (Don't tell anybody this) so I am [] well garded [sic] . . ."

Sept 3, 1890 - "President Wilford Woodruff hurriedly leaves Salt Lake City with his counselors for San Francisco to avoid being subpoenaed to testify in government's court case against the Church over polygamy.

Sept 3, 1892 - Second Counselor Joseph F. Smith preaches: "Concerning the question of blind obedience. Not a man in this Church, since the Prophet Joseph Smith down to the present day, has ever asked any man to do as he was told blindly. No Prophet of God, no Apostle, no President of a Stake, no Bishop, who has had the spirit of his office and calling resting upon him, has ever asked a soul to do anything that they might not know was right and the proper thing to do. We do not ask you to do anything that you may not know it is your duty to do, or that you may not know will be a blessing for you to do. If we give you counsel, we do not ask you to obey that counsel without you know that it is right to do so."

Sept 3, 1937 - Charles Bidamon, step son of Emma Smith, sells "One Silver Pocket Piece. Inscribed 'Make me O Lord all Powerful'" for $50.00 to Wilford Wood, agent for the LDS church. The piece, a "Jupiter's Talisman" was in Joseph's pocket when he was assassinated.

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