September 30th

Sept 30, 1844 - Brigham Young records: "The Twelve used their influence to prevent the brethren and sisters from attending the ball given by William Marks. The same was to come off on Wednesday evening in the dining room of the Mansion, which was still stained with the blood which flowed from Joseph and Hyrum as their bodies lay in said room preparatory to burial."

Sept 30, 1845 - A commission orderd by Illinois Governor Ford arrives in Nauvoo for the purpose of arranging some compromise which would avoid further bloodshed and open civil war. Headed by Stephen A. Douglas, the commission confers with Brigham Young and other prominent men. The following day an agreement is reached to the effect that the Mormons would voluntarily commence to move from Nauvoo and Hancock County in late April or early May of the following year, if left unmolested, so they might construct wagons, secure animals to pull them, and be allowed to dispose of their property.

Sept 30, 1890 - In a meeting of Apostles who discuss the recently released Manifesto of Wilford Woodruff Heber J. Grant says, "I approve of the Manifesto and feel that it is merely a public announcement of the course which we had already in our private councils decided to adopt and this being the case I do not know why we should not receive any possible benefits which may arise from a public declaration. Yet I believe greater trouble will follow the prominent Elders in the Church through the adoption of this policy. If this plan had been accepted in the beginning of this crusade the nation would not have been tried as it has been and would not be worthy of condemnation such as it now merits, hence I feel this has come at a proper time." Apostle Franklin D. Richards notes, "how the Lord had suspended the operations of His laws in various occasions & held the enemies of his Church responsible for the same."

Sept 30, 1899 - Reports that Apostle Franklin D. Richards "is losing his mind, [which] has been known for some time to his own family." First reported instance of mental instability in current general authority. He dies two months after this report.

Sept 30, 1906 - Church President Joseph F. Smith is arrested, following his return from a trip to Europe, on a charge of illegal cohabitation, and released on his own recognizance. Under considerable pressure, the case is brought to trial, and on November 23, he pleads guilty and is fined $300.

Sept 30, 1972 - During first visit of current LDS president to Jerusalem, Harold B. Lee conducts sacrament meeting in Garden Tomb, and by "inspiration of the moment" organizes branch with David B. Galbraith as president. He "shocked" new branch presidency by denying their request to have branch's worship services on Jewish Sabbath. Months later, Lee relents and authorizes LDS branch in Jerusalem to worship on Saturday.

Sept 30, 1978 - what is now Official Declaration - 2 allowing all worthy males in the Mormon Church to hold the priesthood, is accepted by unanimous vote of the members.
First Presidency announces emeritus status for general authorities due to age, physical infirmity, or other reasons. Members of First Quorum of Seventy are first general authorities to receive this retirement.

Sept 30, 1989 - Elder Paul H. Dunn, age 65, of the Presidency of the First Quorum of Seventy is given emeritus status "in consideration of factors of age and health." He continues, however, to participate in money-making ventures including tours of major-league baseball parks throughout the United States.

Sept 30, 1995 - Announcement of two temples, one to be constructed for Boston and one for White Plains, New York; no groundbreaking ceremonies occur by November 1996. This days withdrawal of previous announcement of temple for Hartford, Connecticut is first such cancellation. Even unused (yet dedicated in 1839) temple site of Far West, Missouri, has not been formally cancelled.

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