September 27th

Sept 27, 1824 - In Palmyra revival breaks out among the Methodists when four are converted and the next day seven make profession at a prayer meeting at the home of Dr. Durfee Chase, son of the active Methodist family whose farm adjoined the Joseph Smith homestead. Among the seven converted is 19-year-old Lucy Stoddard, relative of the Stoddard who had been the principal workman in building the Smith home. This 1824-25 revival is described in Joseph Smith's History in the Pearl of Great Price but is misdated to 1820.

Sept 27, 1845 - Brigham Young criticizes Nauvoo police for shooting "a good man," apparently seventeen-year-old Issac C. Phippen, out of "envy, hatred & malice." The official report is that this young Mormon was shot, "accidentally."

Sept 27, 1860 - Brigham Yong's office journal records: "President spoke of early times in the church. He said a devil stood at his head [sic] when he had chills and fevers, the Devil touched him several times sometimes on his hand and sometimes on his forehead then the chills would commence again, by exercising faith and rebuking the Devil he kept him off and the chills & fever also."

Sept 27, 1882 - Wilford Woodruff writes in his journal "I met in Council with the Presidency when the subject was discussed of filling the Quorum of the Twelve & seventies And it was decided that it was proper for the Preside[n]t of the Church to Nominate the person to fill the Quorum as was the Custom from the Beginning except in the first & second organization which was be revelation."

Sept 27, 1886 - John Taylor, in hiding at home of monogamist John W. Woolley, gives revelation about plural marriage: "I have not revoked this law nor will I for it is everlasting." Never formally presented to Twelve, but Apostle John W. Taylor discusses 1886 revelation in meetings of Oct. 2, 1889, Sept. 30, 1890, Apr. 1, 1892, and Feb. 22, 1911. On July 15, 1933 First Presidency accepts custody of 1886 revelation's original text which is in John Taylor's handwriting. The 1886 revelation has never been officially published (and its existence has been officially denied). Photocopies of 1886 revelation have been unofficially published, and Apostle Melvin J. Ballard writes that it is definitely the handwriting of LDS president John Taylor.

Sept 27, 1888 - First Presidency secretary L. John Nuttall writes: "I spoke to Prest. Woodruff respecting Peter W. Cownover of Provo obtaining his Second anointings. He told me to write to him informing him that he can have those blessings upon submitting his recommend properly signed."

Sept 27, 1890 - Utah Governor Arthur L. Thomas, in an interview in the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, points out that Wilford Woodruff's manifesto "in no way asserts that polygamy is wrong or the law right." The SALT LAKE TRIBUNE opines that the "manifesto was not intended to be accepted as a command by the President of the Church, but as a little bit of harmless dodging to deceive the people of the East."

Sept 27, 1894 - Apostle Francis M. Lyman records: "A proclamation of Amnesty was sent in to us from Pres[ident] Grover Cleveland. It relieves all of disabilities who have kept the law in accordance with the proclamation of Benjamin Harrison. It will do some good but is not all that we wish. We did not conclude we could vote under it as we have kept the law of God instead of the law of the land and will not desert our families."

Sept 27, 1904 - A committee of Apostles recommends to the First Presidency that the Church pay Apostle James E. Talmage $3000 for the copyright to his book THE APOSTASY.

Sept 27, 1963 - President John F. Kennedy speaks in the Salt Lake Tabernacle to eight thousand people. He is joined on the stand by LDS President David O. McKay and second counselor Hugh B. Brown who gives the opening prayer. Kennedy followed McKay into the tabernacle and sits beside him on the stand.

Sept 27, 1983 - Second counselor Gordon B. Hinckley dedicates temple near Papeet, Tahiti.

Sept 27, 1991. Apostle Neal A. Maxwell, speaking at the FARMS annual banquet, tells his listeners, "Joseph [Smith] will go on being vindicated in the essential things associated with his prophetic mission. Many of you here, both now and in the future, will be part of that on-rolling vindication through your own articulation. There is no place in the Kingdom for unanchored brilliance. Fortunately, those of you I know are both committed and contributive. In any case, ready or not, you serve as mentors and models for the rising generation of Latter-day Saint scholars and students. Let them learn, among other things, submissiveness from the eloquence of your example. God bless you!"

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