October 14th

Oct 14, 1834 - Joseph Smith is defeated in his first attempt for elective office, coroner of Kirtland.

Oct 14, 1845 - "Mary Gout was sealed to Lewis Dana a Lamanite by B. Young--being the first Lamanite having a Wife sealed to him under the New & Everlasting Covenant for Time & all eternity--she being a White Woman, he being the first [native American] elder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints--having been an Elder about four years."

Oct 14, 1876 - "It having been given out at Conference that the Endowment House would be closed after this week, for the past few days hundreds of persons have been going through the House, in fact, great numbers have to be refused, the authorities not having time or room for them." Closing Endowment House in Salt Lake City is Brigham Young's way of guaranteeing use of the distant St. George temple.

Oct 14, 1882 - Wilford Woodruff records in his journal that during meeting of First Presidency and Council of Twelve Apostle Erasus Snow "said that Joseph Smith said that the parable that Jesus spoke, of that man who had one talent & hid it in the earth, was the man who had but one wife & would not take another, would have her taken from him & given to one who had more, . . ." Benjamin F. Johnson also recorded that on a Sunday morning of April, 1843 Joseph Smith revealed the principle of polygamy to him. Joseph further said, "I will today preach a sermon that no one but you will understand." Johnson said that "the text for his sermon was our use of the 'one, five, and ten talents,' and from him who was found but with the one talent it would be taken and given to him that had ten."

Oct 14, 1882 - Seymour B. Young is "ordained" president in First Council of Seventy. He is first general authority with post-graduate degree (from University Medical College of New Youk) and first M.D> to serve in Hierarchy. No other general authority had M.D> degree until appointements of Russell M. Nelson in 1984, Malcolm S. Jeppson in 1989, J. Ballard Washburn in 1990, James O. Mason in 1994, and Cecil O. Samuelson, Jr. in 1994.

Oct 14, 1899 - Salt Lake County attorney declines to issue warrant for President Lorenzo Snow due to insufficient evidence of unlawful cohabitation.

Oct 14, 1935 - John Horne Blackmore is elected to Canada's Parliament, serving in House of Commons until 1958. Other non-U.S. Mormons who serve in their nation's parliament are Harry Percival Vette (Tonga, 1940s), Solon E. Low (Canada, 1945), James Gladstone (Canada, 1958), Iofipo R. Kuresa (Samoa, 1970), Manuera Benjamin Riwai-Couch (New Zealand, 1975), Terry Rooney (England, 1990), Moroni Bing Torgan (Brazil, 1991).

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