September 13th

Sept 13, 1830 - Constable Nathan Harrington collects $12.81 from Hyrum Smith on an unpaid $21.07 court judgment. Two weeks later Harrington is again sent by court order to collect the rest but found "No property to be found Nor Boddy."

Sept 13, 1846 - Orson Pratt preaches: "the sectarian world say that about six thousand years ago God made all things out of nothing. When it can be demonstrated that light is thirty thousand years in coming from the fixed stars to earth, consequently that light was in existence at least twenty-four thousand years before this earth."

Sept 13, 1857 - James Holt Haslam arrives in Cedar City from Salt Lake City two days after the Mountain Meadows Massacre with orders from Brigham Young to let the emigrants pass unharmed. When Isaac Haight reads Young's letter he says, "Too late, too late," and "cried like a child." At Sunday services in Cedar City Patriarch Elisha H. Groves speaks"upon the principles of the gospel, and of the Lamanites [being] the battle axe of the Lord."
"John D. Lee, with a large band of Indians loaded with loot from the massacre, arrive back at Fort Harmony. Entering the gates, they ride around the center of the fort, their tinware jangling and the bundles of clothing tied awkwardly; they ride around once and stop while the Indians give their whoop of victory, and Lee declares loudly, 'Thanks be to the Lord God of Israel, who has this day delivered our enemies into our hands'"
Meanwhile in Salt Lake City Apostle George A. Smith preaches that there is "a spirit in the breasts of some [at Parowan, southern Utah] to wish that their enemies might come and give them a chance to fight and take vengeance for the cruelties that had been inflicted upon us in the States."
In Salt Lake City, with a representative from Johnson's Army, Captain Van Vliet, on the stand with him Brigham Young preaches: "There cannot be a more damnable, dastardly order issued than was issued by the Administration to this people while they were in an Indian country, in 1846. . . while we were doing our best to leave their borders, the poor, low, degraded curses sent a requisition for five hundred of our men to go and fight their battles! That was President Polk; and he is now weltering in hell with old Zachary Taylor, where the present administrators will seen be, if they do not repent." Actually the calling of the Mormon Battalion was a favor done by the government at the Mormon's request.
Brigham Young tells Captain Van Vliet, "Again if they Commence the war I shall not hold the Indians still by the fist any longer . . . you may tell them they must stop all emigration across this Continent for they Cannot tread in safety. The Indians will kill all that attempt it." Young had been told three days previously of the stand-off at Mountain Meadows. His instructions were for the Mormons to leave the wagon train alone but added "The Indians we expect will do as they please."

Sept 13, 1886 - Wilford Woodruff writes: "I was taken with a vary strange turn. I turned almost Blind & speechless & lost my Memory. It Came on & went off gradually. It lasted about 30 Minutes. I dont know whether it was paralises or not."

Sept 13, 1898 - Quorum of Twelve Apostles sustains Lorenzo Snow as church president with two counselors. Snow then tells them "that he had heard rumors of people thinking that plural marriages could be contracted. He wanted it understood that this can not be done." Concerning post-manifesto plural marriages authorized by his predecessor Snow adds, "As to things which have happened in the past, I do not want to talk about them."

Sept 13, 1901 - First Presidency agrees with policy of "drawing as much business as possible to the north end of Main Street as against the efforts made by the Gentiles to pull to the South." This results in geographic polarization of Salt Lake City's business district on basis of religion, which geographic pattern lasts until late twentieth century.

Sept 13, 1978 - In a BYU oral-history interview Russel B. Swensen recalls a seminar given in 1927 by apostle John A. Widsoe: "Brother John A. Widtsoe had courses, trying to provide these seminary men with a rational perspective on the relation of science and religion. . . . [Widtsoe] converted me to the biological theory of evolution. . . . I thought . . . that the theory of evolution was cut and dried. But Brother Widtsoe in his very tentative and very cautious way didn't openly advocate it, but presented the theory so basically and so logically that, in part, it led to my accepting [it]."

Sept 13, 1990 - Soviet Union grants legal registration for LDS branch in Leningrad, renamed St. Petersburg next year.

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