August 23rd

Aug 23, 1843 - Joseph Smith's personal secretary, William Calyton, writes: "President Joseph told me that he had difficulty with E[mma] yesterday. She rode up to Woodworths with him and called while he came to the Temple. When he returned she was demanding the gold watch of F[lora]. He reproved her for her evil treatment. On their return home she abused him much and also when he got home. He had to use harsh measures to put a stop to her abuse but finally succeeded…This evening I had some more conversation with Margaret [Clayton's plural wife] and find she is stubborn and disposed to abuse me. I feel resolved to break my feelings from her if I possibly can.

Aug 23, 1857 - John Taylor preaches: "[Horace] Greeley is a great man to talk about a higher law, which means, with him, stealing niggers. We do not care anything about that. We want to do something better--something higher and more noble. That is rather too low for us; consequently, they need not be afraid of our stealing their niggers: we will let them have all the benefits of them as one of the grand institutions of Christians, . . ."

Aug 23, 1857 - Heber C. Kimball preaches: "Some of you, ladies, that go abroad from house to house, blessing the sick, having your little circles of women come together, why are you troubling yourselves to bless and lay your hands on women, and prophesy on them, if you do not believe the principle? You make yourselves fools to say that that same power should not be on the man that has got the Priesthood, and with sisters that have not got any, only what they hold in connection will their husbands. We can tell what will come to pass; and one of you can talk in tongues and pour out your souls to God, and then one interpret; that is the course you take, and it is all right: go ahead, and God bless you and multiply blessings on you; but do not go round tattling about your husbands and talking against the Priesthood you are connected to. I do not say many of you do it; but you that do it are poor, miserable skunks."
Kimball also preaches: ". . . let me tell you, the Holy Ghost is a man; he is one of the sons of our Father and our God; and he is that man that stood next to Jesus Christ just as I stand by brother Brigham"

Aug 23, 1862 - Wilford Woodruff records words of Brigham Young: "'If we do not Hurry with this [building the Salt Lake Temple] I am afraid we shall not get it up until we have to go back to Jackson County which I Expect will be in 7 years. I do not want to quite finish this Temple for there will not be any Temple finished until the One is finished in Jackson County Missouri pointed out by Joseph Smith. Keep this a secret to yourselves lest some may be discouraged. Some things we should keep to ourselves. . . . President Young then said to Brother Morley & Levi Jackman who was Standing by, you are both Jackson County Members, & I want you to live to go back to jackson County with me. He also said here is brother Woodruff. He was the first man that I felt lead by the spirit to speak to about the organization of the Church."

Aug 23, 1865 - First Presidency and Twelve publish proclamation against Lucy Mack Smith's BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF JOSEPH SMITH THE PROPHET and against some of Apostle Orson Pratt's published teachings. Concerning Mother Smith's biography of her son: "Every one in the Church, male or female, if they have such a book, to dispose of it." Proclamation also threatens excommunication against anyone espousing doctrines such as Pratt's statement: "The Father and Son do not progress in knowledge and wisdom, because they already know all things past, present, and to come."

Aug 23, 1868 - Apostle Wilford Woodruff tells congregation in Logan, Utah that within thirty years New York City will be destroyed by "the Sea Heaving itself behond its bounds & washing the inhabitants into the Sea," Albany, New York will be "utterly Destroyed by fire," Boston will be "sunk with an Earthquake," and Chicago will be "burned with fire." As for United States, it will be "broken to peaces [sic]." Brigham Young says Woodruff's remarks are "given By Revelation." Although Mormons regard Chicago fire of 1871 as fulfillment of this prophecy, they donate "for the relief of the sufferers."

Aug 23, 1870 - LDS political newspaper SALT LAKE HERALD reports "The Outrage," in which four unidentified men "discharged the contents of a bottle filled with diluted excrements" upon Mormon apostates T.B.H. Stenhouse and his wife Fanny.

Aug 23, 1875 – Joseph F. Smith writes, "From my childhood--for twenty years and upwards I chewed the filthy weed. I never saw the moment during the whole time that I was not inwardly ashamed of it, insomuch I endeavored to keep it to myself, using great caution. One day I went into the president's [Brigham Young] office. He whispered to me, I was obliged to whisper back. He smelt my breath, and started in surprise. "Do you chew tobacco?" I could have shrunk out of existence, or anihilated myself from very shame, and he saw I was ashamed of myself, and pitying me said, "Keep it to yourself"!” In the 1860's Brigham Young also struggled with an addiction to chewing tobacco.

Aug 23, 1875 - Apostle Wilford Woodruff is proxy in vicarious baptisms for all signers of Declaration of Independence (except John Hancock) and for all decesaed U.S. presidents, except James Buchanan and Martin Van Buren. This is first baptism for dead on behalf of U.S. president since 1840.

Aug 23 1890 - DESERET WEEKLY NEWS reports that Jesus Christ appeared recently to Indian delegations gathered near Walker Lake and "showed scars on his hands and feet where he said the people had driven spikes, nailing him to the cross. He also had a bad wound in his side, where he said a spear had pierced his flesh."

Aug 23, 1896 - Sugar House Ward congregation votes against man proposed as Bishop of new ward to divided from the old. Salt Lake stake president Angus M. Cannon furiously shouts, "Sit down! and shut your mouths, you have no right to speak!" When Cannon engages in shouting match with dissenting congregation, a ward member and policeman threaten to arrest stake president for disturbing the peace. Cannon more calmly repeats his attempt but is voted down "again several times." Secretary of the First Council in attendance writes: "I have been taught that the appointing power comes from the priesthood and the sustaining power from the people and that they have the right of sustaining or not sustaining appointees."

Aug 23, 1908 - U.S. immigration officials send nine Mormon immigrants back to England because they admit belief in LDS doctrine of plural marriage.

Aug 23, 1909 - Two days after the death of former Apostle Moses Thatcher, who had been removed from the Quorum of Apostles, the DESERET NEWS publishes an obituary claiming that Moses Thatcher "lived to acknowledge the justness of the action of his brethren of the Twelve." Two weeks later Thatcher's son, Moses Thatcher Jr. responds: "There is a wide difference between accepting the decision of that council, and even fulfilling its every requirement, and acknowledging the justice of the decision or the justice of the action of his brethren in the twelve in making the complaint. So far as I understand my father's position, or so far as his family and near friends understand it, he accepted the decision of the high council and complied with its requirements because it was the only thing he could do and retain his membership in the church, and to lose his standing in the church for him was not to be thought of. But the truth of the statement 'he lived to acknowledge the justice of the action of his brethren of the Twelve,' should be denied, for no such acknowledgement was ever made so far as I know or can find out."

Aug 23, 1940 - Premiere of Twentieth-Century-Fox motion picture "Brigham Young" at the Centre Theater and six other theaters in Salt Lake City. All seven theaters completely sell out to nearly 9,000 people at the then high ticket price of $1.10. Such unprecedented response to a film premiere sets an industry record for the number of theatres used simultaneously for the premiere of one film.. Ten days previously, the First Presidency was given a private screening. Emerging from the screening, President Heber J. Grant says to waiting reporters. "I endorse it with all my heart and have no suggestions. This is one of the greatest days of my life. I can't say any more than 'God Bless You'."
Utah's Governor Henry H. Blood and Salt Lake City Mayor Ab Jenkins declare the 23rd as "Brigham Young Day" complete with parade, window display competition amongst the downtown merchants, and special advertising campaigns based on the pioneer theme.
Actor Dean Jagger, who played the part of Brigham Young, converts to Mormonism later in life.

Aug 23, 1946 - First presidency tells LDS judge to be cautious about sending LDS "subnormals" to be sterilized in facility at American Fork, Utah.

Aug 23, 1982 - President Spencer W. Kimball is photographed with Brent and Charlene Ashworth with Mark Hofmann's forged "Lucy Mack Smith letter." The photograph and others are used extensively by the church to publicize the letter. At the meeting Kimball genially asks Ashworth, " Are you giving this letter to me?" Asworth replies, "I'll see that you get a good copy of it this afternoon."

Aug 23, 1991 - First Presidency and Quorum of Twelve Apostles, by infrequently used format of joint declaration, issue statement which refers to the Sunstone Symposium's annual meetings on 7-10 Aug. It condemns "recent symposia" for presentations which are "offensive . . . in bad taste . . . and publicized in such a way as to injure the Church or its members or to jeopardize the effectiveness or safety of our missionaries." In following weeks church authorities instruct local leaders to meet with Mormons, particularly BYU faculty, who participated in Sunstone to persuade them to cease such activities.

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