June 21st

June 21, 1836 - Mormon missionaries are tried for preaching. Apostle David W. Patten is one of the missionaries in the Tennessee court, are assessed court costs and released.

June 21, 1844 - Illinois Governor Thomas Ford arrives in Carthage. He discovers that Hancock County is at the point of civil war, with approximately 1,700 men of the combined militia threatening to attack Nauvoo, which is defended by the Nauvoo Legion, 2,000 strong. His first act is to place the men of the militia under their regular officers and to get pledges of support from those officers. Ford sends a letter to Joseph Smith, Mayor of Nauvoo asking for statements from "well-informed and discreet persons, who will be capable of laying before me your version of the matter, . . ."

June 21, 1857 - Brigham Young asserts "Men talk about making a Law to stop Polygamy in Utah. That would be an ex post facto law and the Constitution declares that Congress shall not make any such law. If the time comes when the United States does make a law and send men to punish me for polygamy or having more than one wife as there is no law against it you make up your mind that I shall send them to Hell. I do not think they will do it, but if they do you may tell them they had better send 100,000 men with provision for 5 years and they may make their calculations upon it and they will want to make forts from one end of the route to the other so they can step from one to the other." Concerning the federal government's attempt to install officers in territorial positions Young says, "They [the Mormons] have a territorial government. This people should have a right to govern there own institutions." Johnson's Army soon approaches Utah to settle the differences over who would appoint territorial government officers.

June 21, 1878 - DESERET NEWS editorial in defense of giving Orrin Porter Rockwell a church funeral: "At his death he was under indictment for the killing of some persons by the name of Aiken, in Juab county, over twenty years ago. . . . He was reported honorable in all his dealings, true to his friends and his word, firm in the faith of the gospel, and feared only by cattle-thieves and mobocrats and their supporters.

June 21, 1883 - Accidental explosion of stored gun powder destroys Council House and some minute books of Salt Lake Stake, as well as blowing out windows of Assembly Hall and Tabernacle on Temple Square.

June 21, 1892 - Sister Sarah M. Kimball, signs the following statement: "At a Relief Society Meeting held April 28, 1842, I heard the Prophet Joseph make this statement. While other leading men of the Church have been unrighteously aspiring, Heber C. Kimball has been true and is to me what John was to Jesus, my beloved disciple. Brother Kimball showed me a rod that the Lord through the Prophet Joseph had given to him. He said that when he wanted to find out anything that was his right to know, all he had to do was to kneel down with the rod in his hand, and that sometimes the Lord would answer his questions before he had time to ask them. My mother and my sister, Helen Mar, told me the same thing and added to it, that Pres. Young received a similar rod from the Lord at the same time. They claimed that these rods were given to them because they were the only ones of the original Twelve who had not lifted up their heels against the Prophet."

June 21, 1900 - First Presidency and Apostles decide to write to Southern States Mission president Ben E. Rich asking him to explain "certain requirements of missionaries, such as, [requiring each elder to make] a deposit of $50.00 in the mission office to meet the expense of sickness and for other emergencies, and also requiring each elder to purchase and dispose of one Book of Mormon monthly."

June 21, 1946 - First shipment of Welfare Plan foodstuffs and essential commodities arrives in Geneva, Switzerland for distribution to Mormons in war-devastated European cities. This aid totals eighty-five railroad freight cars. Eight months earlier First Presidency reestablished proselytizing missions in Europe.

June 21, 1954 - After quoting 3 Nephi 1:13 "Tomorrow come I into the world" First-Presidency Second Counselor J. Reuben Clark states (in a talk at BYU): "But it seems possible that the spirit may not be present in the embryo till at least shortly before birth, whether the birth be regular or premature."

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