April 25th

Apr 25, 1836 - Anti-Mormons in Van Buren County, Missouri, bullwhip a non-Mormon for refusing to tell where his Mormon acquaintances are.

Apr 25, 1841 - A Mormon "Secret Service in detecting thiefs &c." is founded. The thieves are former Danites.

Apr 25, 1844 - The MADISON CITY EXPRESS says of a group of newly-arrived English converts that they are respectable-looking mechanics and farmers "who would make good settlers if they were free of the infatuation of Mormonism."

Apr 25, 1845 - James H. Monroe, a convert and school teacher in Nauvoo who taught the children of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, writes in his diary: "My time was spent, when not occupied with my school, in reading Fowler's Phrenology, a very valuable work in my estimation, and containing much information of especial benefit to me in my present capacity, as it enables me to form a better opinion of the tastes, feelings, and powers of my little protiges and thereby suggests the proper mode of education, and tells me which faculties are necessary to be cultivated. I think I must make out a chart of their heads with a description of their character as shown by the development of their organs, and then concoct a plan for their education in accordance with those principles." Four days later he complete's the phrenology chart of Joseph Smith III's head, "which [was] admitted to be correct by his mother "

Apr 25, 1847 - Parley P. Pratt gives a talk belittling those wayward Saints who would follow a "Black man who has got the blood of Ham in him which lineage was cursed as regards the Priesthood." Pratt refers to William Carey, an accomplished musician and a Black/Indian "Prophet" who, after joining the Church, had started his own following.

Apr 25, 1849 - Wilford Woodruff writes: " I spent the night with Br Druce. He has A good large House & garden. The House was Called Haunted by the Dead. His family was disturbed for a while, but after Dedicating the family & House unto God, & Rebuked all spirits which were not of God to depart out of the house they were not troubled any more."

Apr 25, 1855 - First meeting of the Deseret Theological Society. Brigham Young is speaker. Young states "that the whole object of the Institution was comprehended in these words. To know the only wise God and Jesus Christ whom he has sent, which is Life Eternal. Spoke of Adam being a God and head of the human family."

Apr 25, 1858 - Federally-appointed territorial governor Alfred Cummings addresses a meeting in the Tabernacle. He professes friendship and "wished if any felt oppressed or wanted his protection to manifest it by vote and to write to him under sealed note. A vote was taken and 3 hands [are] raised out of 3,000." Cummings is opposed from the pulpit by Gilbert Clements. And then by John Taylor. Taylor is so "hard and personal to Mr Cummings" that he is stopped by Brigham Young, who introduced Cummings to the congregation at the beginning of the meeting.

Apr 25, 1860 - Brigham Young instructs newly appointed missionaries: "There is another vary important subject which I wish to speak of & that is the temptation you will have from women. This has caused the down fall of more Elders in this Church than any other thing. There is some Elders who go on there missions all there lives and keep themselves clean & pure all there lives. Others come home and are shady. Their Countenance Falls. They Cannot look you straight in the Eye. They [have] fallen in the snare. Joseph said in speaking to the first Twelve that they would have to watch against this snare For they would have more trouble from this source than any other. Now let every woman alone while you are gone. Don't lay your hand upon any woman, but keep yourselves clean. Some have to bring a group of women with them. They have to get a new dove into their house while they are gone. Let those things alone while abroad. But what is done upon that subject let it be done here."

Apr 25, 1877 - At the Manti temple site Brigham Young tells Lorenzo Snow "Here is the spot where the prophet Moroni stood and dedicated this piece of land for a Temple site, and that is the reason why the location is made here, and we can't move it from this spot; and if you and I are the only persons that come here at high noon today, we will dedicate this ground."

Apr 25 1882 - Abraham H. Cannon, future Apostle and son of First Counselor George Q. Cannon writes in his diary: "As we were eating some limburger cheese this evening, it was affirmed that about three years ago a cheese merchant of Berlin, who did a thriving business, used to send his men to urinate on the so-called 'swiss cheese' in order to give it the proper flavor."

Apr 25, 1885 - Mormon colonists in Mexico are ordered by the chief magistrate of Casas Grandes to leave the country by this date. Church leaders appeal to Mexican President Porfirio Diaz who has already decided to let the Mormons stay and has fired the official who issued the expulsion order.

Apr 25, 1895 - The First Presidency and Twelve meet in the Salt Lake Temple and "we took up the sub[c]jet of H B [B. H.] Roberts & M[oses] Thatcher Advocating Subject in the [statehood] Convention against our interest." Wilford Woodruff states that B.H. Roberts "had done the saints more harm in his Speeches in the Convention than all the liberal element in the city." Roberts had vigorously opposed women suffrage which was favored by the First Presidency.

Apr 25, 1898 - Apostle Brigham Young Jr., having been told to make no more public speeches against the Spanish-American war writes in his diary: " I condemned their war spirit as anti Christ, and those who encourage it will forsake the Gospel if they do not repent, and they will go to hell. See to it brethren that we do not offend our God, He will take care of the balance." That same day, at President Wilford Woodruff's request, a strongly-stated editorial is published in the DESERET NEWS countering Young's recent anti-war speeches.

Apr 25, 1955 - Official publication of American Jewish Congress notes that "American Jews are proud to join Americans of all faiths in wishing the Mormon Church continued progress and growth."

Apr 25, 1970 - CHURCH NEWS has headline reference to recently sustained LDS president as "The Prophet," which is repeated in May 9 article "A Tribute To The Prophet." Joseph Fielding Smith is first LDS president identified by CHURCH NEWS headlines as "The Prophet" throughout his administration. This practice intensifies for his successors.

Apr 25, 1993 - Dedication of San Diego, California temple by Gordon B. Hinckley. Its stunning exterior design is post-modern gothic inspiration of its Roman Catholic architects.

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