September 4th

Sept 4, 1838 - John N. Sapp swears in an affidavit that "I was a member of said body of Danites," and that Danites numbered "betwixt eight and ten hundred men, well armed and equipped . . ."
Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon began to study law under the tutelage of local militia general David R. Atchison and Alexander Doniphan Doniphan with assurances of being admitted to the bar after a year's "diligent application."

Sept 4, 1841 - Apostle Orson Pratt is the first general authority to receive an honorary college degree (M.A. from the University of the City of Nauvoo).

Sept 4, 1873 - Brigham Young preaches: "We also have the privilege of sealing women to men, without a Temple. This we can do in the Endowment House; but when we come to other sealing ordinances, ordinances pertaining to the holy Priesthood, to connect the chain of the Priesthood from father Adam until now, by sealing children to their parents, being sealed for our forefathers, etc., they cannot be done without a Temple. But we can seal women to men, but not men to men, without a Temple."

Sept 4, 1877 - Two days after Brigham Young's funeral the apostles meet in council and sustain John Taylor as president of the Quorum of the Twelve and Young's former counselors John W. Young and Daniel H. Wells as "counselors to the Twelve." Unable to agree on reorganizing the First Presidency, the Twelve govern as a collective leadership until they call a new first presidency at the October 1880 conference.

Sept 4, 1888 - Apostle Moses Thatcher is arrested at Logan and charged with unlawful cohabitation.

Sept 4, 1929 - First Counselor Anthony W. Ivins computes that church lost $6 million in stock investments and $900,000 in loans and business transactions with Presiding Bishop Charles W. Nibley before his appointment as second counselor in First Presidency in 1925.

Sept 4, 1934 - Heber J. Grant gives "little or no encouragement" for proposal that LDS church join World Fellowship of Faith.

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