October 31st

Oct 31, 1838 - Joseph Smith and other LDS and Danite leaders surrender after the Missouri militia surround the Mormon capital of Far West. They barely escape execution.

Oct 31, 1845 - Brigham Young records in his journal: "I received a letter from Charles A. Lovell, Mass., October 20th recommending us as a community to remove to California. Another from Thomas J. Farnhaus, New York, October 20th, on the same subject. Also one from Edward Warren, Boston, October 22nd portraying the Bay of San Francisco and country round as one well adapted for our location in the west."
That evening the Twelve and others meet at John Taylor's: "The subject of the United States endeavoring to prevent our removal West by taking out U.S. writs for the Council of Fifty was talked over and plans devised to defeat them in case they undertake to do it."

Oct 31, 1870 - At death of Utah's fovernor J. Wilson Schaffer, Apostle Joseph F. Smith writes: "Thank God! He was a low, debauched, vulgar, senseless, ignorant cur, and the Lord be praised that his vile, despicable existence has terminated."

Oct 31, 1877 - John Taylor tells apostles it is wrong for some local partiarchs "to be underbidding the others" in giving patriarchal blessings.

Oct 31, 1893 - First counselor George Q. Cannon "holds that [apostolic] seniority rests with Apostles who have not been of the Twelve as well as the Twelve." Second counselor Joseph F. Smith disagrees. By Cannon's definition, John W. Young outranks both Cannon and Smith. This would make Young the church's presiding apostle after President Snow's death in 1901, even though Young has never been a member of the Twelve. Lorenzo Snow rules in 1900 that apostolic ranking is by entry into Twelve and not by ordination date as apostle. This ends Young's hopes.

Oct 31, 1936 - First Presidency publishes unsigned editorial in DESERET NEWS, which argues against re-election of Democratic president Franklin D. Roosevelt. Editorial, written by J. Reuben Clark, accuses F.D.R. of unconstitutional and Communist activities. In response one thousand Mormons angrily cancel their subscriptions to the News. Three days later, 69.3 percent of Utah's voters help re-elect Roosevelt. Utah's electorate re-elects F.D.R. again (1940,1944), despite First Presidency's opposition.

Oct 31, 1978 - Spencer W. Kimball dedicates temple at Sao Paulo, Brazil. For previous three years Brazilian Mormons have donated their jewelry, including wedding rings, to help pay for constructing this temple. By Apostle Boyd K. Packer's specific instructions, LDS translation department renders his address into phonetic SPANISH which he delivers to Brazilians at the dedication.

Oct 31, 1981 - Apostle Bruce R McConkie preaches to combined stakes of BYU that second coming of Jesus Christ will not be in his lifetime or in lifetime of his children or his grandchildren. This runs contrary to the common folk belief that Christ will come in year 2000 or shortly thereafter.

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