March 18th

Mar 18, 1834 - Joseph Smith secretly ordains Lyman Wight as "Baneemy" which Wight understands as a military calling.

Mar 18, 1843 - Joseph Smith writes in his journal: "Laid down on the writing table with back of the head on Law Books saying write and tell the world I acknowledge myself a very great lawyer. I am going study law and this is the way I study and then I fell asleep and went to snoring."

Mar 18, 1845 - While on a mission in England Apostle Wilford Woodruff dreams "a rattle snake bit me on the ancle. I pulled him off squoze him to death & much poison came out of his mouth. The interpretation is when we arrive in Edinborough I shall be opposed by the presiding elder for appointing Br Banks to preside over that branch of the Church & conference."

Mar 18, 1846 - Wilford Woodruff's four-year-old daughter asks her father, "Where is my mother?" Woodruff replies, "Which one?"

Mar 18, 1856 - Apostle Orson Hyde refers to "the last General Epistle of Franklin Pierce, Chief Apostle of the United States of America, written to his brethren of the Senate and House of Representatives in General Conference assembled."
Brigham Young's daughter Susa Young (Gates) is born in the Lion House in Salt Lake City. When hearing the baby was a girl Susa's mother, Lucy Bigelow exclames "Shucks." Zina D. Huntington Jacobs Smith Young, (also a wife of Brigham) who is assisting replies, "No! It isn't all shucks, it's wheat, and full weight too !" Susa is Brigham Young's 41st child. She enters the University of Deseret at age thirteen but is soon banished to St. George by her father for helping her sister Dora elope. Later when she is president of the Relief Society and has an office in the Church Office Building (the only woman to have one at the time) she is jokingly referred to as the "thirteenth apostle."

Mar 18, 1858 - First Presidency, Quorum of Twelve Apostles and "30 Military officers" hold "a Council of war."

Mar 18, 1860 - Brigham Young's office journal records: "[Heber C. Kimball] observed that mormonism had made him all that he was: he was worth $20,000 now; and if he had remained in the States he would have been a poor man to this day."
Devout Mormon writes: "Sunday preaching by John Taylor [is] long and dry."

Mar 18, 1862 - Brigham Young's office journal records: "President Young remarked there were some things that Elder Orson Pratt did not believe in, he noticed that on one occasion Br. Orson wanted to prove that the moving forces were caused by a law of repulsion and not attraction, he noticed than an opposition in all things existed, and necessarily there must be attraction as well as repulsion, the Pres. remarked Br. Orson was a righteous man. Pres. Heber C. Kimball called in The President discussed with him the wicked course the American Nation had taken with this people, observing the government was running into a despotism, and they were willing the government should be despotic while they were in power. The President observed that Abraham Lincoln was a sagacious man, but believed he was [as] wicked [a man as ever lived]."(the bracketed words are written down but crossed out.)

Mar 18, 1880 - Although he suffers from "influenzia Cold on the Lungs" Wilford Woodruff goes to St. George Temple and is sealed to "20 single Dead women." The next day he has 15 more "single women sealed to me."

Mar 18, 1883 - First Counselor George Q. Cannon preaches: "So with regard to the periods occupied in the creation of the earth. Joseph taught that a day with God was not the twenty-four hours of our day; but that the six days of the creation were six periods of the Lord's time. This he taught half a century ago; it is now generally received as a great truth connected with the creation of the world. Geologists have declared it, and religious people are adopting it; and so the world is progressing."

Mar 18, 1884 - James E. Talmage writes in his journal: "My Hashish eating friend gave me further details at odd times today. Three of us in the University have entered upon the study of the Narcotics in use."

Mar 18, 1885 - Abraham H. Cannon, member of presidency of First Council of Seventy, future apostle and son of First Presidency Counselor George Q. Cannon, writes of his brother, future U. S. Senator, Frank Cannon: "I was in the office most of the day. This morning I received word from Charles Richards that Frank is some place in town on another drunk. I gave John Q. and the police notice and urged them to be on the lookout for him. Up to 8 o'clock p.m. no one knew definitely where he was, and I started out with the determination to learn of his whereabouts. I first visited his mother at Aunt M.A. Lambert's and then went on Main Street and searched until about 11 o'clock. The horrible information I obtained was that he was in Kate Flint's establishment and that his associations with that notorious prostitute are well known to several police officers. He has been drinking deeply and spending money very lavishly with fast women. Some of his suppers are said to have cost him $35."

Mar 18, 1886 - DESERET NEWS editorial in support of George Q. Cannon's forfeiting bond to become fugitive from justice: "No one believes he would have had a fair trial." Editorial adds: "And our slandering enemies need not talk about Church funds being used for this purpose, either. It is none of their business anyhow."

Mar 18, 1888 - Wilford Woodruff writes, "I consecrated a seers stone that Joseph found in a well."
First Presidency Secretary L.John Nuttall writes: "After our meeting the brethren met to consider the meetings of the Womens suffrage association &c commencing next Sunday and see if arrangements cannot be made to keep them from speaking against Utah and her people. Bro. Caine was requested to see Miss Susan B. Anthony on this subject tomorrow."

Mar 18, 1902 - In Washington D.C. Apostle John Henry Smith Meets with a congressman and a group of senators. He is in Washington to lobby against a proposed constitutional amendment outlawing polygamy.

Mar 18, 1920 - First Presidency selects Elder George F. Richards to chair a committee to prepare a new edition of the Book of Mormon. Committee members included Anthony W. Ivins, Melvin J. Ballard, and James E. Talmage. Later John A. Widtsoe and Joseph Fielding Smith are added. After finishing with the Book of Mormon the committee takes up preparing a new edition of the Doctrine and Covenants. The main change is the removal of the "Lectures on Faith" which were published in the 1835 edition and called "the Doctrine of the Church."

Mar 18, 1961 - Assistant to the Twelve and future member of First Presidency Alvin R. Dyer addresses a missionary conference in Oslo, Norway. His talk, "For What Purpose" is copied and distributed to missionaries and passed around for years to come: "what I say is not to be given to your investigators by any matter of means.... Why is it that you are white and not colored? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Who had anything to do with your being born into the Church and not born a Chinese or a Hindu, or a Negro? Is God such an unjust person that He would make you white and free and make a Negro cursed under the cursing of Cain that he should not hold the Priesthood of God?...I want to talk to you just briefly about this, not with any information that you would convey to your investigators, but that you, yourselves, may have a better understanding of what we are doing in the mission field today... There were three divisions of mankind in the pre-existence, and when you are born into this life, you are born into one of these three divisions of people. There is an imposed judgment placed upon everyone who leaves the Spirit World just the same as there will be when they leave this life and go into one of three places. When they left the Spirit World, they had already been judged by what they had done in the Spirit World and in their previous life. From what judgment is determined how they shall be born in this life? When you understand that, you know that God is not unjust to cause a righteous spirit to be born as a cursed member of the black race or to be cursed as one of the other people who have been cursed. Everything is in order. The procreation of man is orderly and in accordance with the plan of life and salvation. “In keeping with this thought, when Noah went into the Ark, here again he took with him his three sons—one representing the cursed lineage.... Those who have been cursed in the pre-existence were born through this lineage of Ham. “I suppose, and you may have often heard missionaries say it or have asked the question: Why is a Negro a Negro? And, you have heard this answer. 'Well, they must have been neutral in the pre-existence or they must have straddled the fence. That is the most common saying—they were neither hot nor cold, so the Lord made them Negroes. This, of course, is not true. The reason that spirits are born into Negro bodies is because those spirits rejected the Priesthood of God in the pre-existence. This is the reason why you have Negroes upon the earth. “You will observe that when Cain was influenced by the power of Lucifer to follow him...Cain rejected the counsel of God. He rejected again the Priesthood as his forbearers had done in the pre-existence. Therefore, the curse of the pre-existence was made institute through the loins of Cain. Consequently, you have the beginning of the race of men and women into which would be born those in the pre-existence who had rejected the Priesthood of God....Ham reinstated the curse of the pre-existence when he rejected the Priesthood of Noah, and in consequence of that he preserved the curse on the earth. Therefore, the Negroes to be born thereafter, or those who were to become Negroes, were to be born through the loins of Ham. “All of this is according to a well worked-out plan, that these millions and billions of spirits awaiting birth in the pre-existence would be born through a channel or race of people. Consequently, the cursed were to be born through Ham.... The cursed people are the descendants of Ham. The chosen people are the descendants of Shem... Through these lineages the spirits that compare with their station are born in this life. This is why you have colored people, why you have dark people and why you have white people.…May the Lord bless you in it and bless you with this knowledge. I bear record of its truthfulness in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

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