September 9th

Sept 9, 1845 - Brigham Young's convenes the Council of Fifty. They resolve "that a company of 1500 men be selected to go to Great Salt Lake valley and that a committee of five be appointed to gather information relative to emigration, and report the same to the council."
Nauvoo Police Chief Hosea Stout writes: "went with Brother Harmon and Horr to see a boy look in a 'peep stone,' for some money which he said he could see hid up in the ground. He would look and we would dig but he found no money; he said it would move as we approached it."

Sept 9, 1849 - James H. Mulholland writes anti-Mormon Thomas Sharp from Iowa to Inform him that "I was present last fall when I seen a man hired with a promise of five hundred dollars to go to your place [at Warsaw, Illinois] and take your life. . . . the man that hired Bill Hickman to come and murder you was [Apostle] Orson Hyde." Mulholland is already excommunicated, and Hyde publishes denial of his claim in Jan, 1856.

Sept 9, 1850 - Official establishment of Territory of Utah by federal government which also appoints Brigham Young as Utah's first governor.

Sept 9, 1851 - Brigham Young has conference covenant to accept and obey Word of Wisdom as commandment and to accept excommunication for non-payment of tithing. Church leaders do not consistently enforce either practice until 20th century.

Sept 9, 1857 - Emigrant George Powers meets William H. Dame (Colonel in Mormon militia) at Parowan and asks if he could not raise a company to relieve the besieged train at Mountain Meadows. Dame, the senior Mormon military officer in southern Utah replies, "that he could go out and take them away in safety, but he dared not; he dared not disobey counsel." Mormon militia Lt. Col. Isaac C. Haight dispatches troops from Cedar City to Mountain Meadows where most of the Paiutes have left.
At night the besieged emigrants devise a plan to alert the outside world to their plight. They send William Aden on horseback through enemy lines to get help. Aden is shot down by Mormons after approaching their campsite.
Courier James Holt Haslam (carrying a letter from Haight to Brigham Young asking for orders) reaches Nephi. He pauses for breakfast and will stop again at Payson, Provo and American Fork to change horses.
Brigham Young walks with U.S. Army Captain Van Vliet through Albert Carrington's garden and orchard. Van Vliet asks Mrs. Carrington "if she was willing to Cut down her fine peach orchard for her faith & Religin. She said yes and would set up nights to do it if it became necessary."

Sept 9, 1860 - Wilford Woodruff records: " Presidet Young made some remarks upon his Commandmets to the Elders. He said that every man that had gone out on missions and turned merchants there are not worth a groat. When they Come home they are empty in spirit and become beggerly poor. Brother P. P. Pratt began this in England and He was beggerly poor for years & Erastus Snow and F. D. Richards Came home merchants and they are poor and Orson Pratt came home in Carriages & with silks and satins and he is poor. He spoke in the power of God and sharply rebuked the Twelve & Elders for their spirit of speculation which they indulged in and when such Elders get home they have not the spirit of God in them. H. C. Kimball. . . . said that the Elders had been like blood suckers from Here to England and it is time for it to be stoped, and let the women alone & not be Corting them but let them alone. Many bring home women & want the president to soon seal a woman to him. This will soon kill him."

Sept 9, 1860 - Brigham Young preaches: "Brother Cannon remarked that people wondered how many wives and children I had. He may inform them that I shall have wives and children by the million, and glory, and riches, and power, and dominion, and kingdom after kingdom, and reign triumphantly."

Sept 9, 1887 - The Apostles meet: "The Committee on Wages reported and the report was read and received. [Presiding Bishop] W[illiam] B. Preston made a recommend that the Twelve be put on the same footing as to pay. After consideration, the allowance for the Twelve and Bishopric was fixed at $3,000.00 each."

Sept 9, 1889 - First Counselor George Q. Cannon writes "President Woodruff, in reply, said . . . I feel that it is not proper for any marriages of this kind to be performed in this territory at the present time . . . He intimated, however, that such marriages might be solemnized in Mexico or Canada . . . I made no reply; for I was not fully prepared to endorse these remarks, and therefore thought it better to say nothing. . . . This is the first time that I have heard President Woodruff express himself so plainly upon this subject, and therefore I was not prepared to fully acquiesce in his expressions; for, to me, it is an exceedingly grave question, and it is the first time that anything of this kind has ever been uttered to my knowledge, by one holding the keys" Woodruff had previously made public statements that no more plural marriages were to be performed. This is the first time Cannon had heard him express it privately.

Sept 9, 1898 - At a meeting of the Apostles, Heber J. Grant objects to Apostle Brigham Young Jr. being ahead of Joseph F. Smith in seniority. Young had been ordained an apostle by his father before Smith but had been admitted to the quorum after Smith. The First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve meet to discuss the problem on 5 April 1900. They decide that an apostle's seniority dates from when he enters the quorum and that Smith outranks Young. Eighteen months later Joseph F. Smith becomes president of the Church

Sept 9, 1899 - The SALT LAKE TRIBUNE reports that Heber J. Grant pleads guilty to a charge of unlawful cohabitation and is fined $100.

Sept 9, 1931 - Apostle (and trained scientist) John A. Widsoe writes from England that he thinks James E. Talmadge's speech "The Earth and Man" should be published by the Church as it is. The speech accepts geologist's determination of the age of the earth and that fossils are remnants of life that lived and died before Adam. A group of three apostles, including Joseph Fielding Smith, is adamantly against publication of the speech. After two months of meetings (one lasting seven hours) the speech is published and later issued as a pamphlet.

Sept 9, 1944 - CHURCH SECTION article "Primary Boys Make Quilts."

Sept 9, 1977 - An entrepreneur purchases the only LDS chapel in Washington D.C. from the Church for $300,000 and the same day, sells the building Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church for $475,000. The building, dedicated in 1933 by Heber J. Grant, had been abandoned for two years. Local church leaders felt the building was too costly to refurbish. Rev. Moon, who is accepted by his followers as the new messiah, "sanctifies" the building on September 12.

Sept 9, 1978 - Announcement training program for full-time missionaries from Canada and U.S. in new facility at Provo, Utah, Missionary Training Center (MTC). For missionaries from other countries, Area Missionary Training Centers are established adjacent to LDS temples in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Pacific islands.

Sept 9, 1984 - CHURCH NEWS article on the "Salamander Letter" explains that the letter's "white salamander" was only Martin Harris's use of "language and symbolism." "If you look the word up in the Oxford Dictionary it has many uses and meanings not known to the modern world, not just the amphibian we think of today. By the time of Martin Harris, the word also meant angel. It also referred to brave soldiers who would run into the heat of battle. The bravest soldiers in the French Revolution were known as salamanders." It is later revealed that the letter was forged by Mark Hofmann

Sept 9, 2001 - Comedian, writer, and actor Steve (wild and crazy guy) Martin remarks at a Toronto Film Festival press conference concerning rumors that he is a Mormon: "I'm not a Mormon. That rumor dates back to Father of the Bride," explained Martin. "In one scene the shirt I was wearing was thin enough that you could see the undershirt. Apparently it looked like the garment some Mormon men wear under their clothes."
Among Mormons rumors have circulated that Martin had been seen on the Tonight Show wearing a CTR ring, that he had been "secretly baptized," and that he had taught a class at BYU Education Week.

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