March 20th

Mar 20, 1826 - Joseph Smith is brought to trial on charges of being a "disorderly person." Court records of Bainbridge, Chenango County, State of New York, "[People] vs Joseph Smith The Glass Looker," reveal that he was brought to trial on charges of money digging, using a "peep stone" to locate buried hidden treasures. Joseph is convicted but "took Leg Bail," i.e. he is allowed to get out of town rather than serve jail time.

Mar 20, 1834 - Joseph Smith, while traveling through Genese County, N.Y., tries to find someone to put him up for the night. He finally finds someone who wants to be paid. Joseph writes in his diary, "Thus we see that there is more place for mon[e]y than for Jesus' Deciples or the Lamb of God."

Mar 20, 1840 - In England Apostle Wilford Woodruff records that while he was preaching "some of the baser sort armed themselves with rotten Eggs & flung them at me."

Mar 20, 1842 - Joseph Smith preaches at the funeral of a child, "As concerning the resurrection I will merely say that all men will come from the grave as they lie down, whether old or young. There will not be added unto their stature one cubit neither taken from it. . . . Children will be enthroned in the presence of God & the Lamb with bodies of the same stature that were on earth." Afterwards Joseph Smith "baptized with his own hands about 80 persons" in the Mississippi river.

Mar 20, 1843 - James C. Brewster published his claim that as part of an 1836 Ohio treasure-quest, Presiding Patrairch Joseph Smith, Sr., "anointed the mineral rods and seeing stones with consecrated oil. and prayed over them in the house of the Lord in Kirtland."

Mar 20, 1847 - In Winter Quarters, while preparing to cross the plains to Utah, forty-five-year-old Brigham Young marries two sisters: sixteen-year-old Lucy Bigelow and nineteen-year-old Mary Jane Bigelow. They are his 42nd and 43rd wives. He and Mary Jane Bigelow are divorced on September 3, 1851.

Mar 20, 1853 - Parley P. Pratt preaches, "A Methodist once asked me if I did not rejoice to see that denomination prosper so. I told him no. I said I wished that denomination and all other would come down. He asked why. I said so The Church of Christ might be built up in its stead."

Mar 20, 1861 - The DESERET NEWS prints a sermon by Brigham Young: "There are scores of evil spirits here, spirits of the old Gadianton robbers, some of whom inhabited these mountains and used to go into the south and afflict the Nephites. There are millions of these spirits in the mountains, and they are ready to make us covetous, if they can; they are ready to lead astray every man and woman that wishes to be a Latter-day Saint." The talk is later printed in the JOURNAL OF DISCOURSES.

Mar 20, 1880 - The SUSQUEHANNA JOURNAL (PA) reprints the money-digging agreement of Nov. 1, 1825, signed by Joseph Smith Jr., his father, and seven other men including Josiah Stowell and Isaac Hale, Joseph's future father-in-law: "We, the undersigned, do firmly agree, & by these presents bind ourselves, to fulfill and abide by the hereafter specified articles: Firs--That if anything of value should be obtained at a certain place in Pennsylvania near a Wm Hale's, supposed to be a valuable mine of either Gold or Silver and also to contain coined money and bars or ingots of Gold or Silver, and at wich several hands have been at work during a considerable part of the past summer, we do agree to have it divided in the following manner, viz.: Josiah Stowell, Calvin Stowell and Wm. Hale to take two-thirds, and Charles Newton, Wm. I. Wiley, and the Widow Harper to take the other third. And we further agree that Joseph Smith, Sen. and Joseph Smith, Jr. shall be considered as having two shares, two elevenths of all the property that may be obtained, the shares to be taken equally from each third. . . ."

Mar 20, 1881 - A "Council" of Apostles Wilford Woodruff, Brigham Young Jr., Francis M. Lyman, George Teasdale and John Henry Smith takes up the question "Can a man attain to the Godhead without his entering into the practice of celestial marriage in this life or [was] the sealing of one wife [sufficient]. We came to the unanimous conclusion that he could not. All men must obey the law or leave the result with the Lord."

Mar 20, 1885 - Sylvia Walker, former neighbor of Joseph Smith in Manchester, states in a signed statement, "I have been at their [the Smiths] house. They were the lowest family I ever knew. They worked very little and had the reputation of stealing everything they could lay their hands on. Old Joe [Joseph Smith Sr.] was very intemperate."

Mar 20, 1888 - Wilford Woodruff officially proposes organizing First Presidency. He writes in his journal: "I am sorry to have to record in my Journal that there is quite a Division in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles." After three days of meetings in which apostles oppose proposal and "most of the younger Brethren are Bringing Accusations against G[eorge] Q Cannon" in particular, Woodruff formally withdraws motion on Mar. 23. At this time the Church has been without a first presidency for eight months.

Mar 20, 1985 - Article in CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION: "Tough Challenge for a Basketball Recruiter: Finding Blacks to Play at Brigham Young U."

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