July 13th

July 13, 1843 - Joseph Smith writes in his diary: "I was in conversation with Emma most of the day." The previous day Joseph's brother Hyrum had presented Emma with the revelation on plural marriage. Emma "said she did not believe a word of it and appeared very rebellious." On This Day William Clayton records: " This A.M. Joseph sent for me and when I arrived he called me up into his private room with E[mma] and there stated an agreement they had mutually entered into. They both stated their feelings on many subjects and wept considerable. O may the Lord soften her heart that she may be willing to keep and abide by his Holy Law…" Three days later Joseph's diary records that he "preached . . . concerning a mans foes being they of his own house"

July 13, 1846 - Seventies president Levi W. Hancock enlists as the first actively serving federal authority to participate in a U.S. war. Brigham Young promises the battalion on July 18 that "you will have no fighting to do," which proves true. A sick detachment would siphon off nearly 275 Mormons to Pueblo, Colorado, where they would be discharged and arrive in Salt Lake Valley on July 29, 1847. The rest would march along the Mexican border to San Diego where most would be discharged in Los Angeles on July 16, 1847.

July 13, 1852 - Parley P. Pratt publishes a pamphlet in San Francisco: "Mormonism! Plurality of Wives! An especial chapter for the especial edification of certain inquisitive news editors, etc." It provided a curious defense of polygamy without admitting to its practice.

July 13, 1855 - Apostle Ezra T. Benson preaches in Provo: "I have a little Indian boy and girl, and certainly it is repugnant to my feelings to have to put up with their dirty practices, but I have passed a great many of these things by; and this I have done because I knew what our duties were. In a short season we shall be rewarded for all that we do to civilize this lost and fallen race. The little boy will soon be quite bright, his mind is becoming clear and perceptive, and if he sees a horse, a man, or any other object, he will always remember them. True, he yet has some of his Indian traits, and I presume it will be some time before they are all, erased from his memory."

July 13, 1859 - Horace Greely meets the First Presidency in Salt Lake City. Later he writes that they were "plain men, evidently born and reared to a life of labor, and looking as little like crafty hypocrites or swindlers as any body of men I ever met," and that most Mormons he had met were "pure-minded, well-meaning people." He interviews Brigham Young and WIlford Woodruff records the interview: G. What do you Believe about slavery? BY. We believe what the Bible sayes about it. There was a Curse put upon Cain & his seed & that Curse will remain untill it is taken off. They were to be servants. G. Is this a slave territory or are there slaves here? Y. There is slaves here or have been from time to time. G. Then this would become a slave state would it not if it was admitted? Y. No the Climate & situation would not admit of it. Slavery is a thing I do not want any thing to do with it. I Consider it more of a Course to a man to have slaves than a Blessing." Five years earlier Young had successfully lobbied the territorial legislature to pass a law permitting African slavery in Utah. However Young did not want slave trading or a slave economy in Utah.

July 13, 1862 - Brigham Young preaches, that "if the BOOK OF MORMON were now to be rewritten, in many instances it would materially differ from the present translation."

July 13, 1864- General Patrick Edward Connor, commander at Fort Douglas, telegraphs his superiors: "Encouraged by the unfavorable news from the East, the Mormons are assuming a very hostile attitude. They have about 1,000 men under arms and are still assembling, and threaten to drive my provost guard from the city; alleged excuse for armed demonstration, the presence of the provost guard in the city. My command is much scattered, having only 300 men at this camp. If conflict takes place, which I will endeavor to avoid, can hold my position until re-enforced from neighboring Territories."

July 13, 1895 - At Utah Democratic convention, "women are delegates in about equal number with men."

July 13, 1899 - Salt Lake temple fast meeting for general authorities: Apostle Rudger Clawson writes, "Pres. Jos. F. Smith was mouth in blessing the bread and wine, which was supplied in sufficient abundance to satisfy all present. A very enjoyable time was passed at the table. . . ."

July 13, 1993 - ARIZONA REPUBLIC reports that First Presidency Spokesman Don LeFevre claims "the typical faithful Mormon" already knows that Ezra Taft Benson's mental condition prevents his participation in decision-making. This is in response to continued publicity of Steve Benson's statements during past week that his grandfather is mentally incompetent, and that LDS leaders are exploiting him by giving impression in photographs and official statements that church president is mentally active. Steve Benson withdraws from membership in LDS church in October, after excommunication of several scholars and feminists.

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