August 5th

Aug 5, 1843 - Two days before the election and three weeks after Joseph's comments about Hyrum's taking over as prophet, Hyrum Smith announces to a large assembly that it was the will of God that the Saints should vote for the Democratic candidate. The next day, before the election, Joseph Smith preaches at the Sunday gathering and says, "Brother Hyrum tells me this morning that he has had a testimony to the effect that it would be better for the people to vote for Hoge; and I never knew Hyrum to say that he had a revelation and it failed. Let God speak and all men hold their peace." Joseph had promised his support to the Whig party but had changed his mind. The Mormon vote allowed Joseph Hoge to win a close race without Joseph, technically, breaking his promise.

Aug 5, 1844 - James J. Strang announces to his Michigan branch that he is Joseph Smith's successor through a letter of appointment. The branch president denounces the letter as a forgery and excommunicates Strang.
William Clayton writes in his journal: "This last night I dreamed that Joseph and Emma came to me and appeared very much dissatisfied and displeased because I had kept back the money sent by Brother [Heber C.] Kimball. I thought I explained the reason and told them I had been councilled to do so."
On Tubuai, an island in the South Pacific, missionary Addison Pratt administers the sacrament: "for wine I substituted cocoa nut milk, that was a pure beverage, which never had come to the open air, till we broke the nut for that purpose."

Aug 5, 1855 - Brigham Young tells apostles that after final judgment those consigned to terrestrial and telestial kingdoms will "eventually have the privilege of proveing [sic] themselves worthy & advancing to a celestial kingdom but it would be a slow progress."

Aug 5, 1851 - Brigham Young declares "Martial law is hereby declared to exist in this Territory. . . . and no person shall be allowed to pass or repass into, or through, or from this Territory, without a permit from the proper officer."

Aug 5, 1861 - Brigham Young's office journal records: " In the evening Pres[ident] Wells read to the President a part of the life of Senator Stephen A. Douglass, deceased, in which it mentioned a circumstance wherein Joseph Smith (Prophet) was protected by him. The President remarked that Stephen A. Douglass was a far better man than President Abel Lincoln for he knew his feelings were hostile to this people."

Aug 5, 1873 - African-American Samuel Chambers tells meeting of Salt Lake Stake deacon's quorum: "as I have been appointed a deacon I feel to fulfill my mission" On Dec. 8, 1874 he says that gospel "is not only to the Gentiles but also to the African, for I am of that race." Denied preisthood ordination by LDS presidents from 1852 to 1978, some LDS African-Americans in Utah are officially appointed as "acting deacon."

Aug 5, 1884 - DESERET NEWS editorializes that "as a synonym for quietude and lackadaisical apathy, yesterday's election ought to be placed in the museum and handed down to succeeding ages."

Aug 5, 1942 - First Presidency's finincial secretary refers to German-born Horst Scharffs as President Heber J. Grant's bodyguard. Apparently this is first time since 1887 that hierarchy has bodyguards.

Aug 5, 1969 - LDS church's World Conference on Records whose hundreds of participants include representatives of national archives of Soviet Union, Jewish Historical Archives in Jerusalem, UNESCO, U.S. national archives, and Japan's parlimentary library. Internationally famous for his book ROOTS, Alex Haley (Also ghost-writer of AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MALCOLM X) speaks at World Conference on Records in 1980.

Aug 5, 1978 - UPI story about Sonia Johnson's appearance before U.S. Senate committee hearing on Equal Rights Amendment: "Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, clashed Friday with a woman of that faith who claimed a substantial number of female members are opposing the church's mandated opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment. She questioned how Mormon leaders, in their official statement opposing the ERA, can talk about the 'exalted role of woman in our society' and yet follow policies in the church that push women into secondary positions. 'Where equality does not even pertain, the word 'exalted' is a mockery,' she said. 'One wonders if the leaders of the church would gladly exchange their sex and become so exalted.'"

Aug 5, 1983 - Second Counselor Gordon B. Hinckley dedicates temple at Apia, Western Samoa.

Aug 5, 1989 - "100 Million Names Processed In Stake Extraction Program," which CHURCH NEWS explains "helps keep the Church's 41 operating temples busy" performing vicarious ordinances for the dead. This program includes hundreds of thousands of Jews who died in Nazi holocaust, which Apostle Boyd K. Packer acknowledges to Israeli officials in explaining church's offer to microfilm records of Yad VaShem.

Aug 5, 1995 - CHURCH NEWS lists 117 appointments to new position (non-hierarchy) of "Area Authorities," including native-born professors at universities in Brazil, Canada, England, Japan, and Korea.

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