May 4th

May 4, 1825 - Sidney Rigdon writes the preface for Alexander Campbells pamphlet giving details of Campbell's debate with Reverend W. L. McCalla, former attorney and Presbyterian minister of Augusta, Kentucky. Campbell argued against infant baptism and that baptism was for the forgiveness of personal sin rather than for the absolution of "original sin."

May 4, 1839 - Orson Hyde and William Smith (Joseph's brother) are dropped from the Quorum of Twelve. Smith is reinstated later in the month and Hyde is reinstated on June 27.

May 4, 1865 - RLDS President Joseph Smith III presents a revelation to the RLDS Quorum of Twelve: "It is expedient in me that you ordain priests unto me, of every race who receive the teachings of my law." The LDS church follows suit 113 years later.

May 4, 1867 - Quorum of Twelve drops Apostle Amasa M. Lyman due to his refusal to recant his teachings which deny Christ's blood atonement. Next day Brigham Young preaches that Apostle Orson Pratt "would have been cut off from the Church long ago had it not been for me." This refers to their long dispute over Adam-God theory.

May 4, 1886 - Apostle John Henry Smith writes that Presiding Bishopric counselor John Q. Cannon is "getting quite reckless" with church's tithing funds. Cannon is excommunicated four months later, but for adultery not embezzlement. His father, first counselor George Q. Cannon, tells apostles on Aug. 3, 1887 that "he admitted trying to cover John Q. Cannon's stealing from the Church and that he & his son Abraham had made good John Q's defalcations to the amount of nearly Ten thousand dollars."

May 4, 1896 - Apostle John Henry Smith writes in his journal: "I had a talk with Dr. W. B. Parkinson. He told me Bro. Moses Thatcher [recently dropped from the Quorum of the Twelve] is a Morphine fiend and he explained to me the terrible effects of the Drug. He also placed in my hands a letter purporting to be written by an opium eater, a Doctor in Oregon, but my spirit says it was written by Moses Thatcher."
Apostle Brigham Young Jr writes in his journal: “[In Fairview, Santa Fe Co., N.M.] had a long talk with Br[other] Willis on the true meaning of the manifesto prohibiting plural marriages especially in relation to men living with their wives. No plural marriages are solemnized but men are loath to give up or rather forsake their wives. I can take no oath that looks towards annulling the Covenants I have made with my wives."
Apostle Heber J. Grant writes in his journal: "I have enjoyed my visit to Cache Valley very much, and my only regret is that all of the members of the High Council of the Cache Stake did not endorse the declaration of church discipline [the 'political manifesto']."

May 4, 1884 - Future apostle James E. Talmadge writes, "Have just returned tonight from service at the Westminster Presbyterian Church. The minister spoke against belief in Darwinism and like most ministers whose remarks I have heard or read upon this subject--showed his ignorance. He spoke much as an ordinary person would--"Darwin. Oh yes--says we come from monkeys"--then condemns. I certainly think 'tis the ministers themselves who have bred the disgust with which most scientific people regard them--because they will dabble with matters from which their ignorance should keep them at a safe distance. The speaker tonight brought out many noble principles, but in spite of his eminence as a preacher--self contradiction and inconsistency were apparent."

May 4, 1904 - President Joseph F. Smith allows Francis M. Lyman, president of the Quorum of the Twelve, to send a letter on First Presidency stationery urging the apostles "in your private conversations and counsels" to avoid any "infractions of the law in regard to plural marriage." This is couched in the language of "advice" similar to the 1890 "manifesto" of Wilford Woodruff and does not specify that plural marriages are forbidden under any circumstance anywhere in the world.

May 4, 1986 - Arsonist destroys LDS stake center in Kirtland, Ohio.
Elder Dallin H. Oaks, speaking at the LDSSA Fireside in the Salt Lake Tabernacle, repeats his injunction for members of the church to avoid criticizing leaders--"it does not matter that the criticism is true"--then continues: "The counsel against faultfinding and evilspeaking applies with special force to criticisms of Church leaders, but this is not for the benefit of the leaders. It is to safeguard the spiritual well-being of members who are prone to murmur and find fault."

May 4-5, 1842 - On May 4 Joseph Smith, after two days of preparation in the upper story of his store in Nauvoo, organizes the Quorum of Anointed or Holy Order of the Priesthood and, with Hyrum Smith's help, initiates eight men (James Adams, Heber C. Kimball, William Law, William Marks, George Miller, Willard Richards, Newel K. Whitney, and Brigham Young.) into what would later be called the "temple endowment." According to Joseph's diary he administered "washings, anointings, endowments and the communications of keys pertaining to the Aaronic Priesthood, and so on to the highest order of the Melchizedek Priesthood, setting forth the order pertaining to the Ancient of Days, and all those plans and principles by which any one is enabled to secure the fulness of those blessings which have been prepared for the Church of the First Born, and come up and abide in the presence of the Eloheim in the eternal worlds. In this council was instituted the ancient order of things for the first time in these last days." He excludes first counselor Sidney Rigdon and assistant counselor John C. Bennett. On May 5 Joseph and Hyrum are given their endowments by some of the men endowed the day before. Of this Heber C. Kimball (who had been a Mason since 1825) writes to Parley P. Pratt, "We have received some pressious things through the Prophet on the presthood that would cause your Soul to rejoice .... Bro. Joseph Ses Masonry was taken from presthood but has become degenerated. But menny things are perfect." In 1858 Kimball declares: "We have the true Masonry. The Masonry of today is received from the apostasy which took place in the days of Solomon and David. They have now and then a thing that is correct, but we have the real thing." Later the official history of the church omits the names of apostates William Law and William Marks as having been in the original group. Woman do not participate until September 28, 1843.

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