June 6th

June 6, 1831 - Jared Carter writes, "Brother Joseph notwithstanding he is not naturally talanted for a Speaker yet he was filled with the power of the holy Ghost." In 1833 Joseph Smith announces a revelation appointing Sidney Rigdon as his "spokesman."
Joseph confers the Melchizedek priesthood for the first time. Although the office of Elder existed prior to this it was not considered an office of the Melchizedek priesthood.

June 6, 1840 - The first British converts arrive at Nauvoo.

June 6, 1844 - In Washington D. C. Heber C. Kimball clothes himself in endowment robes, prays in the "true order," while holding a divining "rod," and asks yes-no questions. Movement of the rod means "yes" and no movement "no." This is the first verified use of the divining rod since an 1829 revelation commending Oliver Cowdery's use of his "rod of nature . . . behold it has told you things."

June 6, 1846 - Louisa Barnes Pratt, traveling with "Camp of Israel" in Iowa, writes: "Last evening the ladies met to organize. Mrs. Isaac Chase was called to the chair. She was also appointed President by unanimous vote. Mrs. L[ouisa] B. Pratt, counsellor and scribe. Several resolutions were adopted: 1st Resolved: that when the brethren call on us to attend prayers, get engaged in conversation and forget what they called us for, that the sisters retire to some convenient place, pray by themselves and go about their business. 2nd. If the men wish to hold control over women, let them be on the alert. We believe in equal rights. Meeting adjourned, sine die."

June 6, 1847 - Brigham Young, on the pioneer trail, writes to Samuel Brannan who is in San Francisco, "the main [camp] will not go to the west coast, or to your place at present, as they do not have the means. . . . Any among you who may choose to come over into the basin, or meet the camp, are at liberty to do so, and if they are doing well where they are, and choose to stay, it is quite all right."

June 6, 1882 - James E. Talmage writes in his journal: "Experienced another accident in the course of experimenting. A small wooden powder mortar, to be fired by the passage of electricity called an "Electric Bomb," had recently been procured by the Academy; and as I was demonstrating before the Physics class in the small Laboratory the bomb burst with terrific force, demolishing the Leyden Jars placed alongside to accomplish the experiment, and shattering the whole instrument into splinters. Luckily I had opened the window & placed the whole on a board shelf on the outside. The force of course was directed right and left, and no one was hurt."

June 6, 1890 - Federal grand jury in Idaho indicts 153 ex-Mormons for voting in recent election.

June 6, 1906 - The "Burrows Committee" of the U.S. Senate, after extensive hearings, votes seven to five to recommend expulsion of Apostle and Senator Reed Smoot. In 1907 the full Senate does not follow the Committee's recommendation and seats Smoot. A crucial influence was that of President Roosevelt, who, after a private meeting with Smoot, threw his personal support behind the Utahn.

June 6, 1970 - CHURCH NEWS reports advancement to admiral's rank of C. Monroe Hart, MIT graduate who helped develop Polaris missle subrmaine.

June 6, 1982 - Women protesting the Mormon Church policy against ERA and their work against it chain themselves to an LDS meeting house in San Diego, CA.

June 6, 1992 - Among those called to Second Quorum of Seventy are Lino Alvarez (first Mexican general authority), Augusto A. Lim (first Filipino general authority), and Kwok Yuen Tai (first Hong Kong Chinese general authority). Also Gary J. Coleman is first general authority with formal training in counseling (master's and doctorate).

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