June 14th

June 14, 1828 - Joseph Smith completes 116 pages (foolscap-size) of translation from the gold plates (the book of Lehi), with Martin Harris transcribing with a blanket stretched between them. Martin Harris repeatedly asks Joseph Smith to borrow the transcript. Smith refuses twice but relents (by revelation) on the third request but makes Harris agree to a covenant to show only his family. Harris brings the 116 page translation from the gold plates back to Palmyra and shows them to his wife, Lucy Harris, but he loses the transcripts (says they were stolen). Lucy Harris is suspected of hiding or destroying them.

June 14, 1842 - The first fully-dated plural marriage performed by Joseph Smith occurs (for Brigham Young and Lucy Decker Seeley).

June 14, 1844 - Joseph Smith writes a letter to Illinois governor Thomas Ford explaining the EXPOSITOR incident: "[T]he proprietors were a set of unprincipled, lawless debauchers, counterfeiters, bogus-makers, gamblers, peace-disturbers, . . . the City Council decided that it was necessary for the 'peace, benefit, good order and regulations' of said city, 'and for the protection of prosperity,' and for 'the happiness and prosperity of the citizens of Nauvoo,' that said Expositor should be removed, and declaring said Expositor a nuisance ordered the Mayor [Joseph Smith] to cause them to be removed without delay; which order was committed to the Marshal by due process, and by him executed the same day, by removing the paper, press and fixtures into the streets and burning the same; all which was done without riot, noise, tumult or confusion, . . ."
William Clayton writes: "A.M. conversing with a number of gentleman in the Bar room concerning the proceedings of our enemies. He [Joseph Smith] prophesied in the name of the Lord that if they did mob us it would be a precedent to come down upon their own heads with fury and vengeance."

June 14, 1845 - "I cant support the twelve as the first presidency," George J. Adams writes. "I cant do it when I know that it belongs to Josephs Son--Young Joseph who was ordained by his father before his Death." In May Adams had organized a church with Joseph Smith III as the intended president and himself as spokesman.

June 14, 1857 - Wilford Woodruff writes in his journal: "I attended the prayer circle The presidency & W[ilford] W[oodruff] G[eorge] A[lbert] S[mith] A[masa] Lyman & C[harles] C Rich of the Twelve were present there was much conversation upon various subjects President Young said I shall not seal the people as I have done Old Father Allred [age 73] brough[t] three young girls 12 & 13 years old I would not seal them to them him They would not be equally yoked together. The devil can get as many recommends as he can back many get their endowments who are not worthy to & this is the way devils are made there will be some needed in the next world."

June 14, 1862 - A heavy rain keeps either side from doing much damage in the "Morrisite war" in Weber County, Utah. The Mormon posse is reinforced by an additional cannon. One member of the posse writes that cannon fire "made the mountains tremble and intimated to the yet deluded people that there was a little more thunder in store for them on the morrow."

June 14, 1873 - The DESERET NEWS publishes a sermon by Brigham Young chiding the saints for doubting his Adam-God doctrine: "How much unbelief exists in the minds of the Latter-day Saints in regard to one particular doctrine which I revealed to them, and which God revealed to me--namely that Adam is our Father and God. . . . Our Father Adam helped to make this earth. . . . He brought one of his wives with him. . . . Then he said, 'I want my children who are in the spirit world to come and live here. I once dwelt upon an earth something like this, in a mortal state. I was faithful. I received my crown and exaltation. . . . I want my children that were born to me in the spirit world to come here and take tabernacles of flesh that their spirits may have a house, a tabernacle, or a dwelling place as mine has,' and where is the mystery?" The sermon is published again four days later in the weekend edition.

June 14, 1880 - Wilford Woodruff dreams "that Queen Victoria had received the gospel and Been Baptized. She appeared vary humble, none of which is likely to happen in this world. I also thought of Prince Albert. Is Richard or Robert Connected with his Name? I dreamed that Queen Victoria was sealed to me and she bid me an emotional thanks. This is not likely to happen."

June 14, 1887 - Twenty-five of Heber C. Kimball's sixty-five children pose for a photograph on their late father's 86th birthday. Kimball had forty-three wives but had children by only seventeen of them.

June 14, 1892 - President Wilford Woodruff has 130 people adopted to him in the St. George Temple.

June 14, 1900 - First Presidency and apostles agree to give $3,600 to Brigham Y. Hampton for his prior "detective work" in which he paid prostitute to allow him and nearly thirty LDS "Home Missionaries" and policemen to spy on anti-Mormons engaging in sex acts in Salt Lake City brothels in 1885. Although first counselor denies it at this meeting, in private meetings of First Presidency George Q. Cannon refers to Hampton's brothel work as "services rendered the Church" and "work in behalf of the Church." Hampton has been set apart as a Salt Lake temple worker since 1893, and another coordinator of brothel spying is the temple doorkeeper (1893-1910).

June 14, 1901 - Apostle John Henry Smith, in Mexico City, writes: "Frank Marsh, youngest son of Thomas B. Marsh, called upon us. he claimed to be in the faith. he says that about one month before Emma Hale Smith died he called upon her. he asked her if the Prophet Joseph had more wives than one. She broke into tears and said my son has accepted the Presidency of the Reorganized Church. He also said he had met with a body of Masons in London. A gentleman present by the name of Hamilton gave a wonderfull testimony of the character and Mission of the Prophet. Said He Joseph Smith Initiated me into the Secrets of Masonry and I esteem him among the great men of the World."

June 14, 1948 - Apostle John A. Widsoe writes in a letter: "If [the Lord] chose to place man-like beings upon the earth before the days of Adam, I really have no right to find fault with that. . . . There is so much connected with these matters that we do not understand that I am willing to take what little we know of a factual nature without offering any interpretations that may mislead others."

June 14, 1952 - Twenty-year-old David B. Bleak, unarmed LDS medic in Korean War, "while attempting to cross the first-swept area to attend the wounded, he came under hostile fire from a small group of the enemy concealed in a trench. Entering the trench he closed with the enemy, killed 2 with bare hands and a third with his trench knife. Moving from the emplacement, he saw a concussion grenade fall in front of a companion and, quickly shifting his position, shielded the man from the impact of the blast. Later, while ministering to the wounded, he was struck by a hostile bullet but, despite the wound, he undertook to evacuate a wounded comrade. As he moved down the hill with his heavy burden, he was attacked by 2 enemy soldiers with fixed bayonets. Closing with the agressors, he grabbed them and smashed their heads together, then carried his helpless comrade down the hill to safety." That is the explanation for the Congressional Medal of Honor which Bleak receives in 1953.

June 14, 1923 - First Presidency letter "To Presidents of Stakes and of Temples . . . After careful and prayerful consideration it was unanimously decided that the following modifications may be permitted, and a garment of the following style be worn by those Church members who wish to adopt it, namely: (1) Sleeve to elbow. (2) Leg just below knee. (3) Buttons instead of strings. (4) Collar eliminated. (5) Crotch closed."

June 14, 1959 - Billy Casper is first LDS golfer to win U.S. Open, which he wins again in 1966. Casper is admitted to World Golf Hall of Fame in 1978 and to PGA Hall of Fame in 1982. In 1973 Johnny Miller is second Mormon golfer to win U.S. Open. Miller is first Mormon inducted into new College Golf Hall of Fame in 1974, and two years later is first Mormon to win British Open. Miller enters PGA Hall of Fame in 1996.

June 14, 1961 - President McKay rejects proposal to merge Assistants to the Twelve with the First Councilof Seventy, now that the latter are also high priests.

June 14, 1962 - THE CHURCH SECTION quotes Joseph Fielding Smith: "The Latter-day Saints, so commonly called 'Mormons', have no animosity towards the Negro. Neither have they described him as belonging to an 'INFERIOR' race." However Joseph Fielding Smith himself in his book THE WAY TO PERFECTION had used the very words "inferior race" to refer to blacks of African ancestry.

June 14, 1984 - Nelda Karen Cotwell of Layton, Utah, is convicted, in Laredo, Texas, of conspiring to illegally bring Mexican infants into the United States and sell them. Following Cotwell's arrest in early February, several reports appeared in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram linking "a growing number of Mormons" to an "international adoption ring." In response, Don LeFevre, director of the LDS church's press relations, issues a statement warning that "privately arranged placement of any children without a licensed agency's sanction is frequently in violation of local or national law. Church officers or members should not be involved in such arrangements."

June 14, 1989 - The government of Ghana bans LDS missionary work and public meetings. The ban is lifted seventeen months later. During the ban members are permitted to hold meetings in their homes.

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