April 16th

Apr 16, 1836 - Future-apostle Charles C. Rich describes his endowment ceremony-experience in the Kirtland Temple: "We then continued to fast and pray until the setting of the sun when we Broke Bread and Drank wine[.] we prophesied all night pronouncing blessings and cursings until the morning light[.] there was Great manifestations of the power of God . . . and I was filled with the spirit of prophesy and I was endued with power from on high."

Apr 16, 1839 - Joseph Smith and other Liberty Jail prisoners escape from custody during a transfer. Enraged Missourians drag the two jailers through the streets and nearly kill them.

Apr 16, 1843 - William Clayton writes: "Heard President J[oseph] preach on the resurrection shewing the importance of being buried with the saints and their relatives in as much as we shall want to see our relatives first and shall rejoice to strike hands with our parents, children &c. when rising from the tomb."

Apr 16, 1860 - Brigham Young's office journal records: "L[orenzo] Snow called in and enquired in the course of conversation if he thought the emigration would meet with any hindrances from the US. The President said he did not, and expected the U[nited] States would burst up in five years. Conversation changed to the subject of polygamy and the Pres[ident] remarked the very women that object to a plurality wives would not object to a plurality of husbands. Pres[ident] Buchanan has five mistresses . . . and they have illegitimate children by them."

Apr 16, 1891 - First Presidency learns that U.S. solicitor general and Utah's district attorney have formally agreed "to let loose of our TEMPLE."

Apr 16, 1893 - The Apostles meet for the first time in the newly-dedicated Salt Lake Temple. Apostle Anthon H. Lund records "[Apostle] Geo[rge] Teasdale... The Lord had shown him many manifestations that had been strengthening to him. He loved Bro[ther] Woodruff like a father yet the Lord had shown him that he was to be adopted to the Prophet [Joseph] and on a new-years day he was given to Eliza R. Snow, wife of Joseph as son. He had at once felt a love as son to a mother."

Apr 16, 1903 - Apostle Rudger Clawson records of a meeting of the First Presidency and Twelve Apostles in the Salt Lake Temple: "There was some informal talk in relation to the financial affairs of [recently-deceased apostle] Brother Brigham [Young Jr.], and it developed that while two of his wives--those raising young children--were fairly well fixed, the others had little or nothing."

Apr 16, 1904 - Apostle Rudger Clawson records in his journal: "At 8 p.m. I attended a debate at the Beaver church school building between three of the Beaver boys and three young men from Fillmore. Subject of debate [was] 'Should the Negro be disfranchised.' The young men from Fillmore took the negative side and won. It was quite interesting and entertaining."

Apr 16, 1918 - Richard W. Young, Brigham Young's nephew, is appointed Brigadier General in U.S. Army, first Mormon with general's rank in U.S. military.

Apr 16, 1923 - Apostle George F. Richards writes: "I spent [the day] at the temple writing what has heretofore been unwritten ceremonies of the temple. My son George assisted me all the afternoon."

Apr 16, 1948 - Apostle Mark E Petersen asks for permission to instruct local leaders to begin excommunication trials for persons he suspects of having disloyal attitudes towards LDS Church. First Counselor J Reuben Clark warns Petersen "to be careful about the insubordination or disloyalty question, because they ought to be permitted to think, you can't throw a man off for thinking."

Apr 16, 1979 - LDS amputee Kenneth Archer wins wheelchair division of Boston Marathon. Curt Brinkman wins in 1980.

Apr 16, 1980 - Newlywed (married seven months) Dori Hofmann comes home from work to find her husband Mark looking through the pages of a seventeenth-century Cambridge Bible. She watches Mark separate two pages which are glued together and observes an old folded paper between the pages. Mark succeeds in getting the paper out of the Bible, but the glue along its edges hold it closed. By peeking inside they can see writing and a signature that seems to read "Joseph Smith, Jr." This is Mark Hoffman's "Anthon Transcript" forgery--his first major forgery of fake LDS documents.

Apr 16, 1987 - Apostle Boyd K. Packer, native of Brigham City, re-dedicates its tabernacle whose interior has been remodeled in accordance with current LDS chapel usage. Originally dedicated in 1897 Brigham City tabernacle is similar in architecture to Coalville tabernacle, which was demolished amid national controversy.

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