April 28th

Apr 28, 1828 - Joseph Smith, with Martin Harris as his scribe, begins the translation of the Book of Mormon.

Apr 28, 1837 - The presidents of seventies meet and declare for publication that "we will have no fellowship whatever with any Elder belonging to the quorum of the Seventies who is guilty of polygamy or any offense of the kind."

Apr 28, 1841 - Wilford Woodruff describes a storm during the voyage home from England: "When we arose in the morning we still found strong head winds which soon increased to a great Storm & tempest which scenery I have not language to describe. . . .The tempest was now raging with all power the sea piling up into mountains, the Ship mountain the waves & billows & pitching into the valleys & rocking tremendiously & shiping seas occasionly. In the midst of this seenery the cry of help was herd in our Cabin. I rushed to the seene & found the ropes giving way & breaking which held the whole mass of baggage which was piled up between decks, consisting of heavy trunks, chests, Boxes & barrels which if once liberated from their Confinement would with one surge be hurled with all their force into the births of the men, women, & Children which would endanger the lives of all. On seeing the foundation of this mass give way Elder W. Richards & myself Sprang to this place of danger & braced ourselves against the barrels & held them for a few moments untill it was a little secured. I then went on deck to the captain & informed him of the situation of things below & he sent the Sailors with some ropes & secured the pile which was endangering the lives of many. . . . I stood in the middle of the aft quarter deck holding the captains Speaking trumpet in one hand & holding to a fast bench with the other when we Shipped a tremendious Sea on the windward side of us which passed clear over the quarter deck on which I stood. On seeing that we Could not escape it Elder Richards flung himself close under the Bulwarks & the body of the wave went clear over him without wetting him but little. But as I Could not take the same advantage I flung myself upon the deck & held upon the fast seat whare I remained untill the sea passed over me & left me drenched in the Surge. I now thought it time for me to leave my seat of observation for the day & go below as I was thoroughly wet with salt water. I went to bed but did not sleep but little for the ship rocked at a dredful rate. Boxes, barrels, & tines were tumbling from one end of the Cabin to the other. And in the steerage about 15 Births were flung down 9 at one surge with all the men women & Children flung into a pile in the midst of the berths but no lives lost or bones broken."

Apr 28, 1842 - At a Relief Society meeting Joseph Smith says, "I now deliver it as a prophecy that before ten years shall roll round, the queens of the earth shall come and pay their respects to this Society--they shall come with their millions and shall contribute of their abundance for the relief of the poor." He also warns: "Do not indulge too much in the gift of tongues, or the devil will take advantage of the innocent." Then he tells the women that "the keys of the kingdom are about to be given to them that they may be able to detect everything false, as well as to the Elders. . . .I now turn the key to you in the name of God." In his diary Joseph writes that he met with "the members of the "Female Relief Society" and after presiding at the admission of many new members gave a lecture on the Priesthood shewing how the sisters would come in possession of the privileges, blessings, and gifts of the Priesthood, . . ."

Apr 28, 1844 - Hyrum Smith preaches that "there were Prophets before Adam."

Apr 28, 1856 - Wilford Woodruff describes problems with a scratch on his arm he sustained while skinning a dead ox two days previously: "This morning the affected spot upon my wrist had grown about the size of a dime had risen above the arm & main [-] about half an inch & turned black as ink. My arm began to swell & pain me & I felt its workings through my system. I Called upon President Young & Showed him [my] Arm and asked his advice. He counciled me to go to immediately & clense my stomach & bowels & poultice my Arm with Onions, Earth, or any thing that would draw it from my system. He also advised me to show it to Dr Sprague. I did so & he in addition to what President Young had recommended dug me up sum dock Elecompane & Blazing Star roots & advised me to make a tea of it & drink it also to make a poultice of it & put it on my Arm. I went immediately home & began to put these things into execution for I saw that I had a strong warfare in order to save my life."

Apr 28, 1862 - U.S. Army Adjutant General Lorenzo Thomas, by order of the Secretary of War and the President, writes to Brigham Young: "By express direction of the President of the United States you are hereby authorized to raise, arm, and equip one company of cavalry for ninety days' service. . . . to protect the property of the telegraph and overland mail companies in or about Independence Rock [now in Wyoming, on the Oregon Trail], where depredations have been committed, and will be continued in service only till the U.S. troops can reach the point where they are so much needed. . . .It will not be used for any offensive operations other than may grow out of the duty hereinbefore assigned to it." The intriguing point about this request is that it did not go to the territorial government officers but to Brigham Young, a tacit recognition of who really controlled Utah.

Apr 28, 1883 - John Taylor's revelation concerning "gold and silver and copper and brass and iron" and "a way to raise a fund which should be at your disposal" [Bullion, Beck and Champion Mining Company], and command to organize School of the Prophets. The revelation also chastises "My servant Thomas" [Taylor, no relation to church president] concerning Utah iron Manufacturing Company. John Taylor presents this to some apostles on Oct. 4, 1883 and to formal meeting of First Presidency and Twelve on Oct 11, 1883. Text available but never canonized or officially published.

Apr 28, 1898 - First Presidency announces that Mormons should support their government's call for volunteer soldiers in war. This ends policy of “selective pacifism,” in which LDS president (not national leaders) decided whether Mormons participated in war. Brigham Young Jr., anti-war apostle who was instructed to stop speaking against the war and Mormons enlisting writes: "It suits me all right and now that the First P[residency] have spoken we know what to do. It is an unrighteous Cause in my opinion, and Americans have gone wild with a blood thirsty spirit which will bring disaster, I fear."

Apr 28, 1904 - Church Attorney Franklin S. Richards, writes to President Joseph F. Smith concerning post-manifesto polygamous marriages "It seems almost impossible to make people understand how these things can take place among the apostles and you have no knowledge of them. We do the best we can to make the Senators and others appreciate the fact that your position is one of sincerity in the matter."

Apr 28, 1934 - CHURCH SECTION report that general authorities have allowed king of England's official representative to tour temple in Canada from baptistery to celestial room. Temple has been dedicated and in operation for almost ten years.

Apr 28, 1949 - Presidency announces that "there is no truth whatever" in dispatches from Moscow's Tass news agency that "Latter-day Saint missionaries are acting as spies in Finland."

Apr 28, 1969 - First Annual Mormon Festival of the Arts, held at BYU.

Apr 28, 1973 - CHURCH NEWS reports that LDS New Zealander Susan Vickers has won Miss Auckland beauty contest despite her refusal to wear bikini swimming suit.

Apr 28, 1988 - John K. Carmack, of First Quorum of Seventy, testifies in favor of Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act before Subcommittee on Crime, U.S. House.

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