April 1st

Apr 1, 1834 - While preparing his trial against Doctor Hurlbut Joseph writes in his journal. "My soul delighteth in the Law of the Lord for he forgiveth my sins and will confound mine Enimies. The Lord shall destroy him who has lifted his heel against me, even that wicked man Docter P[hilastus] H[u]rlbut. He will deliver him to the fowls of heaven and his bones shall be cast to the blast of the wind for he lifted his arm against the Almi[gh]ty. Therefore the Lord shall destroy him." Interestingly this passage is in the form of a "chiasmus" similar to passages found in the Book of Mormon.

Apr 1, 1842 - In publishing the official version of the first vision, the TIMES AND SEASONS gives Joseph Smith's description of himself between the ages of fourteen and sixteen: "I frequently fell into many foolish errors and displayed the weakness of youth and the corruption of human nature, which I am sorry to say led me into divers temptations, to the gratification of many appetites offensive in the sight of God. In consequence of these things I often felt condemned for my weakness, and imperfections." In a separate editorial, "Try the Spirits," Joseph Smith acknowledges that Mormonism is not the only contemporary church that claims to have apostles and visitation of angels: "The Irvingites have apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists, and angels."

Apr 1, 1843 - At the direction of the President of the United States the post office at Nauvoo is abolished.

Apr 1, 1844 - Heber C. Kimball writes in his journal: "Apriel the first day 1844 I Heber C Kimball received the washing of my feet, and was annointed by my wife Vilate fore my burial. that is my feet head Stomach. Even as Mary did Jesus, that She mite have a claim on him in the Reserrection" [original spellings retained]

Apr 1, 1857 - Wilford Woodruff writes to George A. Smith that "nearly all are trying to get wives, until there is hardly a girl 14 years old in Utah, but what is married, or just going to be."

Apr 1, 1865 - Wilford Woodruff writes, "April fool day I spent the day in the Endowment House whare there was no fooling."

Apr 1, 1877 - At meeting in St. George, Utah, Brigham Young verbally attacks second-ranked apostle John Taylor for indifference to communitarian United Orders. Young warns that Taylor could lose his standing in Twelve and cancels his administrative assignments. Apostle Lorenzo Snow finally persuades Taylor to apologize, which Snow believes is necessary to preserve Taylor's status in Twelve.

Apr 1, 1879 - John Taylor, President of the Quorum of Apostles, and church leader since the death of Brigham Young, writes to Orson Pratt: "The Lectures on Faith were published with the sanction and approval of the Prophet Joseph Smith and we do not feel that it is desirable to make any alteration in that regard"

Apr 1, 1881 - Prescindia Huntington Buell Smith Kimball writes a letter to her "eldest granddaughter living" stating that Norman Buell had left the Church in 1839, but that "the Lord gave me strength to Stand alone & keep the faith amid heavy persecution." Prescinda married Norman Buell in 1827, and had two sons by him before joining Mormonism in 1836. She was sealed to Joseph Smith by her brother Dimick on December 11, 1841, though she continued to live with Buell until 1846, when she left him to become a plural wife of Heber C. Kimball."

Apr 1, 1884 - John Taylor allows first commercial program in Salt Lake Tabernacle, operatic performance by Adelina Patti. In later decades Tabernacle hosts Ernestine Schumann-Heink, Lili Pons, Ignace Paderwerski, John Philip Souza, Fritz Kreisler, Vladimir Horowitz, Artur Rubenstein, Marian Anderson, Yehudi Menuhin, Van Cliburn, and other.

Apr 1, 1886 - Apostle John Henry Smith records, "I attended fast meeting and heard the speaking in tongues."

Apr 1, 1887 - John Taylor writes to Eliza Platt, "If you will send us a recommend for yourself, properly signed, I will endorse it for your deceased husband, yourself and his deceased wife to receive your second anointings. I hear that your son is a worthy young man, but he ought to have more experience and had more opportunities that age brings before receiving this important and sacred ordinance. You will, therefore, have to select some person who has already had his second anointings to act as proxy for your husband."
David Whitmer finishes his booklet AN ADDRESS TO ALL BELIEVERS IN CHIRST.

Apr 1, 1892 - The Twelve Apostles meet and discuss whether or not the Manifesto forbids "unlawful cohabitation" with plural wives taken before the Manifesto. They decide that it shouldn't even though President Wilford Woodruff and Lorenzo Snow had testified under oath that it does. They vote to send a telegram to the U.S. President asking for amnesty for polygamists.

Apr 1, 1896 - President of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles Lorenzo Snow tells the apostles, "the principle [of plural marriage] was just as true today as it ever was, and bore his testimony to the effect that it will again be practiced by this people."

Apr 1, 1901 - First Presidency obtains (at exorbitant prices) last stock certificates in failed Utah Loan and Trust company in Ogden. Necessary to prevent civil and criminal action against its former president Joseph F. Smith and director, Apostle Francis M. Lyman.
Apostle Rudger Clawson records that "Total church indebtedness" on this date is "[$]1,284,256.75"

Apr 1, 1911 - President Joseph F. Smith telegraphs U.S. Senator and apostle Reed Smoot: "If the president inquires about new polygamy tell him the truth. Tell him that President Cannon was the first to conceive the idea that we could consistently countenance polygamy beyond the confines of the Republic where we have no chartered law against it, and consequently he authorized the solemnization of polygamy in Mexico and Canada after the Manifesto of 1890, and the men occupying presiding positions who became polygamists since the manifesto did it in good faith." In fact polygamy was illegal in both Mexico and Canada during the time in question.

Apr 1, 1978 - Spencer W. Kimball declares that the place of Mormon women was in the home where they might "fully express themselves as mothers, as nurses to the sick, as proponents of high community ideals and as protectors of good morals." Stating that this had been the position of the Church since the days of Joseph Smith, President Kimball goes on to ask "What more can any woman want for herself, what more could any man want for his wife . . . ?"

Apr 1, 1981 - Announcement of plans to build small temples throughout world instead of traditionally large temples.

Apr 1, 1983 - Final issue of SEVENTH EAST PRESS includes an april-fool insert parodying the DAILY UNIVERSE. Headline is "ROTC reveals plan to deploy MX on campus," The MX story is accompanied by a photo of BYU President Jeffery Holland with other BYU officials in a ground-breaking ceremony. Another article announces plans to implant land mines to discourage students from taking short cuts across the grass. President "Holliday" is quoted as saying, "Sure we're going to lose a few students at first. But the kind of kids who would cut across the grass don't belong here at BYU anyway." In another article about censorship at BYU, Jae R. "Bailiff," academic vice-president, says, "I'm glad you asked me about that. Censorship at BYU is so negligible, the topic need not even be discussed. And I refuse to discuss it any further." An advertisement for "Deserted Book" features "Developing a Personal Relationship with the Apostles, by George Peace and Questions to Gospel Answers, by Egg MacMurrin. An advertisement for the "Desperate News" promises to include fast-offering envelopes in their Sunday edition. Bullock & Losee Jewelers consideres taking court action because of a derisive imitation of advertisements they frequently run in the Daily Universe. "My husband and I felt it was in very poor taste," JoAnn B. Losee tells the real DAILY UNIVERSE, "and most likely reflects the content of the rest of their paper.

Apr 1, 1989 - Creation of Second Quorum of the Seventy for those with temporary appointments as general authorities. Announced period of service is five years.

Apr 1, 1991 - Student at BYU's commencement offers prayer to "Our Mother and Father in Heaven."

Apr 1, 1995 - Solemn assembly sustains newly ordained Gordon B. Hinckley as LDS president, first time in Mormon history that solemn assemblies have sustained two new presidents within six-month period. For first time, females are asked to vote according to their auxiliary membership, Young Women (ages 12 to 18) and Relief Society (age 18+), in imitation of traditional voting-pattern for males according to their priesthood quorums. Announcement of end of Regional Representative calling, effective Aug 15, to be replaced by Area Authorities. These officers will be high priests serving without financial compensation for six years, while they "continue their current employment, [and] reside in their own homes." Number of Area authorities is intended to be substantially smaller than 284 Regional Representatives serving at this date.

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