November 1st

Nov 1, 1808 - John Taylor is born in Milnthorpe, England.

Nov 1, 1823 - Alvin Smith, Joseph Smith's older brother, comes into the house in great pain. He is taken sick and dies 18 days later after an "emetic" administered by a local doctor substituting for the family doctor lodges in his digestive tract. This complicates things for Joseph as he claimed he had been instructed by an angel to bring Alvin to the Hill Cumorah to receive the plates.

Nov 1, 1825 - Joseph Smith Jr. and his father Joseph Smith Sr. sign "Articles of Agreement" concerning the seeking of a lost Spanish silver mine near Josiah Stowall's property in Harmony Pennsylvania. Stowall had heard of Joseph Smith's ability to see hidden treasures and brought him 150 miles from Palmyra, New York to help locate the fabled treasure. No money was ever found and Joseph was later tried and convicted as a "disorderly person" for his "glass looking" activities with Stowall. However it was in Harmony that Joseph met Emma Hale, his future wife.

Nov 1, 1840 - Notice in "Times and Seasons:" ". . . It is requested that all those who have been endowed with a poetical genius, whose muse has not been altogether idle, will feel enough interest in a work of this kind, to immediately forward all choice, newly composed or revised hymns. In designating those who arc endowed with Poetical genius, we do not intend to exclude others; we mean all who have good hymns that will cheer the heart of the righteous man, to send them as soon as practicable directed to Mrs. Emma Smith, Nauvoo, Illinois. POST PAID."

Nov 1, 1841 - Notice in "Times and Seasons:" "The brethren are hereby notified that our well-beloved brother, Hyrum Smith, patriarch of the church, has erected a comfortable office opposite his dwelling-house, where himself, together with his scribe and recorder, James Sloan, will attend regularly every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, during the entire day, or upon any other day if urgent circumstances require it, to perform the duties of his high and holy calling. A copy of the blessings can be received immediately after being pronounced, so that the brethren who live at a distance can have it to take with them."

Nov 1, 1843 - This is the last known occasion in which Emma Smith performs the washing and anointing for women receiving the endowment ceremony in the Anointed Quorum.

Nov 1, 1845 - Brigham Young pays William Clayton "one hundred and fifty dollars to purchase instruments for the brass band."

Nov 1, 1850 - John Taylor advertises in the MILLENIAL STAR death-mask busts of Joseph and Hyrum Smith: "I procured casts taken from their faces immediately after their death. I had also the various drawings with me, which had been made while they were living."

Nov 1, 1853 - First issue of British Mission's JOURNAL OF DISCOURSES, most famous collection of Mormon sermons which had been published previously in DESERET NEWS. The introduction is preceded by a letter from the First Presidency endorsing the publication.

Nov 1, 1861 - Brigham Young's Office Journal records: "An Indian belonging to Wash-i-kiks band came to the President and begged for powder and Tobacco the President directed Some should be given him ..."

Nov 1, 1877 - First Presidency Secretary L. John Nuttall records that John Taylor's birthday celebration was attended by "Prest. John Taylor, 6 wives, 17 sons, 8 daughters, 5 daughters-in-law, 3 sons-in-law, 7 grand sons and 6 grand daughters. Total 53."

Nov 1, 1885 - Apostle John Henry Smith notes in his journal, "This makes thirty-eight meetings I have attended in two weeks."

Nov 1, 1890 - Date for which U.S. President William Henry Harrison's amnesty declaration for LDS polygamists does not cover "unlawful cohabitation." According to Harrison's proclamation no Mormon polygamists will be prosecuted for illegal cohabitation committed before this date if they refrain from such cohabitation after this date.

Nov 1, 1891 - Apostle Marriner W. Merrill preaches at the Logan Tabernacle "that not only plural marriages had ceased in the Church but that Brethren should not live with their plural families hereafter, but observe strictly the law of the land in this matter." On the stand with him is Apostle Joseph F. Smith who later has children by his plural wives. This illustrates a difference between public statements and private beliefs by leaders of the Church concerning the extent of the President Woodruff's Manifesto.

Nov 1, 1901 - Financial report of the Church lists assets at $1,992,399.40, and liabilities at $1,110,607.58 for a surplus of $881,791.82.

Nov 1, 1918 - Joseph F. Smith dictates "thus saith the Lord" revelation concerning disbursement of tithing funds. This revelation is not presented to meeting of First Presidency and Quorum or Twelve until April 8, 1943. Text available but never published or canonized.

Nov 1, 1922 - Day after Heber J. Grant joins in public appeal for election of man as county sheriff, First Presidency issues statement that church feels "free to use its influence in the promotion of good legislation, honest administration of government and matters calculated to benefit the state and it's people."

Nov 1, 1975 - CHURCH NEWS article about Kathy Devine, LDS shotputter and Olympic aspirant who criticizes those who "think all girls should be out baking cookies somewhere."

Nov 1, 1977 - Spencer W Kimball dedicates Osmond Family Studio in Orem, Utah.

Nov 1, 1989 - Announcement that full-time female missionaries will be only guides for traditional tours of Temple Square, Salt Lake City.

Nov 1, 1993 - Richard A Searfoss, Mormon lieutenant-colonel, pilots COLUMBIA back to earth after fourteen days in orbit, longest space-shuttle flight to this date.